So here he is. That really hot guy from One Direction who went to live his life as a normal 22 year old. So he said. He’s just released his debut single ‘PILLOW TALK’ from his upcoming debut album ‘Mind of Mine’ which is due to be released in March this year. Despite being available to purchase for only a few hours, he is currently sitting on top of iTunes charts worldwide.


So this isn’t something I expected from Zayn. In all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from him, so when I listened to the song, it came with no shock as the song sounds like something One Direction could have done during the ‘FOUR’ era; however the video and a few of the lyrics are a little too the other direction. The song is apparently, well, I’m sure you can guess what it’s about, but the video itself gives it a more light hearted approach rather than just fucking some bitches whilst earning money and smoking a blunt. This sees a more intimate and caring side of it.

So the song itself isn’t amazing on a first listen, but after listening to it a few times it does actually seem to become more enjoyable and starts to sound more like a hit. It’s not something that’s currently being seen in the charts so it is a breath of fresh air, although Zayn doesn’t seem to be enjoying it. In the video he seems very ‘lazy behind the eyes’ shall we say, and he doesn’t seem to be enjoying his newly found solo path. Now that could just be down the change of career, or how he was told to look, or maybe he’s genuinely just not enjoying it but who’s to say only one song in?

The video is beautiful. It shows women and sex as an art form rather than just a pleasure for guys who seek orgasms. He seems to appropriate the sexual culture artistically as something as it is, rather than what these days is portrayed. It’s a real gentlemanly approach to a serious topic and that, again, is something we don’t see. Of course, Zayn being this beautiful specimen of masculinity, it really does help with the entire message of the song and the way the video has been directed, it really doesn’t let down.

As a whole, it’s a good song, and it improves the more you listen to it. The video is absolutely amazing and it really see’s Zayn creating his own path in the music world.

Rate /10: 8
Video /10: 8

Single Percentage – 74%

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? – Yes

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