Zendaya – Something New (feat. Chris Brown)


So here’s ‘something new,’ (pardon the pun). It comes from Nickelodeon princess that is, Zendaya Coleman, but you can call her Zendaya. It’s believed this is the first single off her upcoming second studio album which the title is yet to be confirmed. It features RnB legend that is Chris Brown, and is expected to hit top 40 stations across America next week (February 9th to be exact). The song also sample’s TLC’s ‘Creep’.


So, after a few listens, I’m OK with this song. It’s radio friendly, it’s catchy, has potential, but it doesn’t actually offer ‘something new.’ It sounds like the average hip-hop/RnB song these days, you know, those produced by DJ Mustard, or those few songs that Chris Brown typically features on like Pia Mia’s ‘Do It Again’ or that song along Tyga, ‘AYO.’ All the same, if you’re not bored of that kind of stuff, great, then you’ll enjoy this. It’s definitely one for the clubs and if it gets the right attention then it will do well in overseas charts as well. Good going Zendaya.

Rate /10: 6

Single Percentage – 60%

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? No

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Note: ‘Something New – Single’ was not available to pre-order/buy at time of review, therefore links may not take you directly to ‘Something New – Single’



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