Beyoncé – Formation


HELLOOOOO?!?! Beyoncé just Beyoncé’d herself, and surprise released a “single”. Now, whether it’s a buzz track or an actual lead single from an upcoming album is unclear, as it doesn’t sound like a typical Beyoncé single, however it had come complete with music video and download. Back in 2012, B posted a buzz track titled ‘Bow Down/I Been On’ online, (yeah, remember that?) which then went on to be sampled for ‘Flawless’ for her 2013 self titled album. This seems to have that type of sound to it, apart from again, the obvious fact that it comes with music video and download. Still, all the same, it could genuinely just be a buzz track, but even if it is, HELLO?! New Beyoncé is here!!! Or at least almost here! The good thing is, it’s available to download for free on TIDAL!


So, the track is titled ‘Formation’ and after 4 listens, I still don’t know what to make of it. I think maybe the buzz of a new B single is a little exciting to be disappointed, but at the same time, there’s nothing about it that makes me want to jump around screaming the fact that there is new Beyoncé on the way.
It was produced by Mike WiLL Made-It and PLUS S so of course it does have an infectious beat to it, which you do find yourself doing that thing that makes you want to be Beyoncé. Yeah, you know where I’m coming from. The song, by what it seems, sounds like it’s just Beyoncé telling everyone, again, about how she ‘slays’ which of course she does, but the video seems to have a more serious reference to it so I believe the message of the song seems to be a little more in depth. The music video was directed by Queen B herself and Melina Matsoukas, and has references to black history and presumably, life as a black person today in modern society, what the with whole current racism issue going on at the moment, which is great because it does need to be addressed more seriously, and music is the message of the people, and Beyoncé definitely delivers! The cinematography of the video however is very clever and well directed.

Rate /10: 6
Video /10: 7

Single Percentage – 68%

Is it worth buying? No – it’s a free download, why would you want to buy it?

#1? No

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Note: ‘Formation’ was a free download on TIDAL at time of review. It may only be a free download for a limited time only, and all credit of the downloads and downloading system is all TIDAL’s decision. ‘Formation’ was NOT available on iTunes, Google Play, nor Amazon at time of review.


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