Corinne Bailey Rae – Been To The Moon


She’s back! Almost 6 years since we last saw her with her 2nd studio album ‘The Sea’, Corinne Bailey Rae is back to the music scene with a new single and a new album too! ‘Been To The Moon’ is the first single off her upcoming album ‘The Heart Speaks In Whispers’, which is due out May this year.

Will it do as well as her first self titled album, along with the single ‘Trouble Sleeping,’ ‘Like A Star,’ and the unforgettable ‘Put Your Records On’? I guess only time will tell, but it’s still lovely to see the soul songstress back on the music scene.

It was co-written by Bailey Rae, as well as a few others.

I listened to ‘Been To The Moon’ and here’s what I had to make of it.


‘Been To The Moon’ offers a side to Corinne I believe no one has seen before. As you can expect, it’s a very mellow, jazz evening sounding song, but it also has a more studio electronic sound to it, which I’m not sure sounds too well with it. The song also finishes around 3:12, however there’s a little trumpet instrumental at the end, which is beautiful, but also seems a little unnecessary as it isn’t included with the rest of the song. There appears to be around a 3-5 second pause before it concludes to the instrumental piece, which seems a little odd. However, as you can expect from Ms. Bailey Rae, the lyrics are beautifully placed, and sung extremely magically too. I think listening to the lead single, I don’t think it will do well in terms of success, especially when you think back to 2007 and the year she had then, and it doesn’t really give anything away about the upcoming album, which is good of course, as it will leave you wanting to explore more into the new world of Corinne Bailey Rae, but either way, I believe this album will secure her place as an artist who will always be remembered.

Rate /10: 6

Single Percentage – 60%

Is it worth buying? Undecided

#1?: No

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