Tinie Tempah – Girls Like (feat. Zara Larsson)


English rapper, Tinie Tempah, is back with a brand new single, and this time it’s with new Swedish princess, Zara Larsson, days after the remix of Zara’s ‘Lush Life’. This song is the second single taken off of his upcoming third studio album which is due out later this year. After the huge success of the first single ‘Not Letting Go’ featuring the beauty that is Jess Glynne, with it going straight to #1, it was unclear what Tinie was to offer as a follow up. Tinie has never been a let down in terms of releasing some good music and collaborations so this song was one that I was looking forward to, when I received the news that this was a confirmed release. I had a listen, and this is what I made of it.


“What’s the code to your wifi again?”

Safe to say that this song is going to slay the UK charts. I don’t know where to start. Tinie has done it again! I don’t think it it’s matched ‘Not Letting Go’ but I wouldn’t say it’s far off

‘Girls Like’ is definitely one for the clubs, as the whole production is very house music based. The beat is very catchy and Zara’s chorus will have you singing along, whether you’re at home singing to your hairbrush, or whether you’re in the club moving your pelvis to the infectious beat, there is no doubt you will be dancing to this bop. Unfortunately, the production is a little cliche in terms of what a modern day house music track would sound like. It’s very Philip George, and I do believe that it was purposely used to make people like the track, but in all fairness, I believe it’s worked.

Tinie’s hooks in the versus are of course very… You know, very Tinie Tempah, but it does surprisingly work very well. Zara sounds amazing, as always, as she takes the very important role of singing the part that around 95% of people will only know of the song. Tinie and Zara’s collaborations really do compliment each others sound.

I would also say the song is very british, especially when it comes to a humour part of the song. The lyrics “netflix and chill is so dead,” and “what’s the code to your wifi again?” prove that the song is mainly down to the younger audience, but the charts these days are controlled by the younger audience so there’s nothing out of the norm there.

I don’t think Tinie has taken any risks to finalise a song that makes you think ‘wow this is absolutely impeccable’, however, in terms of making a hit song, that people will enjoy listening to, I would say Tinie and Zara have done a perfect job. It’s a very good song and I do believe it will go to #1. I am extremely looking forward to a possible third single and of course, the album.

Rate /10: 7

Single percentage – 70%

Is it worth buying? Yes!

#1? Yes

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