ZAYN – iT’s YoU


No, I haven’t made a typo, ZAYN’s second single is really spelt with the capital T & U on the end. Why? Errrr… Anyway! He’s back with another one titled ‘iT’s YoU’ (with a capital T & U) along with a video and the pre-order of his debut solo album ‘Mind of Mine’!

After the worldwide success of his debut solo single ‘PILLOWTALK’, hitting the #1 spot in the UK AND the US, will this one add another one of a possible long list of #1′s in years to come? Only time will tell.

The song, video and pre-order comes days just after a remix of Chris Brown’s‘Back To Sleep’ surfaced online, including ZAYN and R&B king, Usher.

The pre-order of his album shows 14 songs on the standard edition, and 18 on the deluxe, with a rumoured extra 2 tracks for a Target edition of the album, so you can expect roughly 20 songs from Mr. Z.

Here’s what I made of ZAYN’s second solo single, and the video.


There’s no other way to explain the song other than brilliant. It starts off with a very ‘one-tone’ church-organ like instrument, and then kicks into ZAYN’s beautiful, angelic soft voice and a nice R&B back beat to support it. It has a very strange 60′s retro sound disguising in the background of the song and the way the whole production has come together to compliment his voice.

The video goes impeccably well with the song, even though I personally am finding it hard to understand the real message behind it, I’m sure if I watch it a few more times I will begin to understand more, but I can kind of guess. It features a very beautiful blonde lady throwing her beauty at Mr ZAYN, as he longingly looks at her with an infinitive lust in his eyes. The message of ‘it’s you,’ really brings in to perspective the amount of admiration he has for this woman which concludes the whole piece as a lustful masterpiece.

Will it be welcomed into the public with open arms as well as ‘PILLOWTALK’? I don’t think so, but I can see this doing OK.

Rate /10: 8
Video /10: 8

Single percentage – 74%

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? No

Support ZAYN

Pre-order ‘Mind of Mine’ here, and get ‘iT’s YoU’ and ‘PILLOWTALK’instantly:
iTunes (Standard)
iTunes (Deluxe)
Google Play
Amazon Music (Standard)
Amazon Music (Deluxe)

Stream ‘iT’s YoU’ here:
YouTube (Audio Only)
Apple Music (Video)


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