Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman


Ariana Grande is back with a brand new era!

She teased us a few months back with the lead top 10 single of ‘Focus’ but was unclear on what sort of album Ari was planning to release. Fortunately, on tradition, new music Friday’s have given us a brand new single titled ‘Dangerous Woman’! The new single is also the title of Ariana’s 3rd studio album, after being changed from ‘Moonlight’, and is due out May this year. There was a lot of speculation about whether Ariana should keep ‘Moonlight’ as the album title, but personally, I think it’s great that ‘Dangerous Woman’ is the new album title. I believe we’re watching a re-vamped Ariana Grande, and loving the fact she seems to have a more “bad-ass” approach. Is it for the better? Only time will tell.

After hinting just a small part of the album tracklist, and confirmed rumours, it seems we’ll also be seeing collaborations on the album with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

The standard edition of the album will hold 11 tracks, whilst the deluxe version will hold 15.

So, of course, I listened to the new single, and well, here’s what I made of it…

So when I said about this era being very ‘bad-ass’, it seems the second single kinda proves my point…

It’s like, if James Bond had a female alter-ego, and it got turned into a load of films, ‘Dangerous Woman’ would be a perfect for an opening title sequence. It’s very majestic to start of with, kind of like an innocence but with a sexual tease but as the song seems to continue to carry on. By the end of the song, it has you on top of your kitchen table stripping to your naked body waving your underwear around in the air.

Ariana’s voice has always had it’s own specific sound to it, and it really helps with the way the songs been arranged. The guitar roars with sex on the last chorus of the song and Ari’s voice really takes it to the climax with her big notes and chords in the background. If this doesn’t make anyone feel sexy, it’s impossible for anything else to.

In terms of, “oh my god, this is my favourite Ariana Grande song” I must say it’s a little too… ‘boring.’ It’s been done before, and the whole context of a woman feeling sexy has been done for decades now. I quite liked the individuality that Ariana had on the previous two albums, BUT, I also know that you can’t always play the same card so I guess it’s just getting used to the ‘new’ Ariana Grande… So far, so good.

Rate /10: 7

Single percentage: 70%

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? No

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NOTE: ‘Dangerous Woman’ was only available for pre-order on iTunes at the time of review. If you’re looking for ‘Dangerous Woman’ as a single download, the iTunes link will still take you to it. 


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