Ariana Grande – Be Alright


After appearing on SNL as a special guest and performing a few songs, Ariana is back with a pre-order of her new album ‘Dangerous Woman’, along with a “countdown” song ‘Be Alright.’ It’s not necessarily clear whether it is or it will be Ari’s third single from the album, but all the same, it’s new Ariana!

YES YES YES. The PEERRRFECT Ariana song. Thank you Ariana Grande for releasing such a beautiful song.

It’s a very pop-dance song, as you can probably imagine, but of course is serenaded by Ariana’s angelic vocals. Again, she releases one of those songs that just make you want to get up and dance. The production seems a bit too choppy for people not to notice, but everything else does just make up for that. After listening to ‘Dangerous Woman’ to then skipping to this one, it makes me a tad more excited to hear the upcoming album. I honestly hope it’s her best one yet as there is more spotlight on this album compared to her last two.

I think with enough promotion, and some good airplay, it has a strong chance in doing well in the charts. Doubtful #1 though.

Rate /10: 8

Single percentage – 80%

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? No

Support Ariana Grande

Pre-order ‘Dangerous Woman’ here and get ‘Dangerous Woman’ and ‘Be Alright’ instantly:
iTunes (Standard)
iTunes (Deluxe)

Download ‘Be Alright – Single’ here:
Google Play

Stream ‘Be Alright’ here:

NOTE: ‘Be Alright’ was only available to download on iTunes on the pre-order link. There was no official iTunes link for that specific track at time of review.

‘Be Alright’ was not on TIDAL at time of review.




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