Does he ever rest for a moment?! After releasing his first two singles ‘PILLOWTALK’ and ‘LIKE I WOULD’, as well as buzz track ‘iT’s YoU’, Zayn has only gone and released another buzz track a week prior before his initial debut album release. Like the rest of the album, this new track comes with a quirky capital alignment, which, of course is expected. It’s not long now till Zayn’s debut impacts the world. Of course, I am excited.

Here’s what I made of ‘BeFoUr’.

I honestly do believe we are currently witnessing the birth of one of the biggest stars of this generation.

‘BeFoUr’ really isn’t something that would normally be found in the charts today, however I do believe with the fact it’s a different sound to what’s currently being played on the radio, I think ZAYN has really bagged himself an incredible debut album and ‘BeFoUr’ only proves even more that opinion.

It’s a very mellow R&B song with some very Pet Shop Boys vocals in the first half of the song, and it’s not very extreme and “in your face.” It’s actually a joy to listen to.

The guitar in the background is really hugged up by Zayn’s impeccable vocals, with a nice soft beat to even out the balance of genre of the song. It doesn’t sound like the last 3 singles to come off the album either, and it certainly doesn’t sound like something you would hear in the charts today, but for all the right reasons. I think music these days needs a good ‘kick up the ass’, and I honestly think Zayn is going to be one of the first people of this generation to do so.

I can’t fault Zayn one bit so far. I can feel an obsession lurking…


Rate /10: 8

Single percentage – 80%

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1?: No

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