Ariana Grande – Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne)


It’s not long now till we hear Ari’s 3rd studio album, and as everyday passes, the more itching it is to listen to it.

She’s just dropped a track titled ‘Let Me Love You’ which features Young Money king, Lil Wayne. It was released as part of the Japanese pre-order of the album and it was also revealed that there are tracks on the album which are explicit. Definitely a new side to Ariana.

So, it looks like Ariana Grande is no longer that one from Nickelodeon, but instead she is now a fully grown woman. A dangerous one. (Couldn’t resist)

The song has a very edgy R&B but chill sound to it, which if you’re in bed with your lover, then this is the perfect song to get down and dirty too. Of course, without even listening to the song you can probably tell what it’s about as it features Lil Wayne, and it seems that he only ever ‘raps’ about two things. Sex or drugs. So yeah, as far as the Lil Wayne verse, it’s predictable.

I wouldn’t say he adds anything to the song, and I do think that would have been a perfect opportunity to show her voice off in the song a little bit, as it’s a very mellow song, however, aside from that, it’s actually an alright song.

It doesn’t go down as one of the best songs from Ariana Grande, but it’s not a complete mess.

Rate /10: 6

Single percentage – 60% 

Is it worth buying? If you want the album, then sure.

#1? – No

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*PLEASE NOTE: ‘Let Me Love You’ was only available on iTunes Japan at time of review. The song wasn’t available on any streaming sites at the time.


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