Ariana Grande – Into You


…And she’s back… again, with another taste of her new 3rd studio album ‘Dangerous Woman,’ which is due out next week! Eek! Exciting stuff. So this song comes as a countdown single, you know, one of those “yes I’m still releasing an album, here’s a breadcrumb to take you through to the very day of the release” type singles and it also came a few days before little tweaks of the album tracklist were made. This one’s called ‘Into You’, and it’s actually the fifth installment that we would have heard so far off the album!

It was released on digital retailers worldwide on May 6th.

Ariana is definitely not afraid of turning up the heat with this new album, and the album title is certainly starting to live up to it’s own name. It’s a sexy, dance number, and if it’s not this year’s gay anthem in the gay clubs across Miami and London, then nothing will.

On the first verse, I honestly was expecting a mediocre song but as the chorus kicked in, well, how wrong I was. It’s a great countdown single, and every song to come off the album so far has seen a different sound to Ari, which is the perfect thing to do when promoting an album. Ariana is only 22 and she’s completely on top of the world.

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Pre-order ‘Dangerous Woman’ and get ‘Dangerous Woman,’ ‘Be Alright,’ ‘Let Me Love You,’ and ‘Into You*’ instantly:
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*PLEASE NOTE: ‘Into You’ was only available for streaming on YouTube at time of review


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