Nathan Sykes – Give It Up (feat. G-Eazy)


Nathan Sykes is back with a brand new single off his upcoming debut solo album which is due later out this year, following his split from former boyband ‘The WANTED’, and his two smash hits ‘Kiss Me Quick,’ and ‘Over and Over Again.’  The new single features American songwriter and rapper ‘G-Eazy’ who is also slowly making his mark in the music biz. The song is expected to be officially released this Friday (May 13th.)

There is something ever so slightly intriguing about this guy. He has an amazing voice, and this song is actually the best he’s put out by far. I also think after watching the video, I think that little bit of curiosity has turnt into a crush…

Annyyywaaay, the song is a pop masterpiece and it’s definitely one of those songs that will keep on your brain until you finally give in to listening to it again for the 11th time in a row. G-Eazy’s spot on it doesn’t last very long, but I think it’s the perfect type of song for a little hook of rap to be featured on. It’s mellow vocals are wrapped perfectly by Nathan’s vocals, and is definitely a song worth *ahem* making love to.  In terms of a #1 spot, I don’t think it will quite make it. If it were down to me, yes a #1 would be on the cards, but unfortunately, I don’t live in a country with a population of 1. Well, maybe that is a fortunate thing… Anyway, Kudos Nathan.

Rate /10: 8

Single percentage – 80%

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? No

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