David Guetta – This One’s For You (feat. Zara Larsson)


French deejay David Guetta is back with Swedish pop princess Zara Larsson for the official UEFA European Football Tournament 2016 which is due to take place in France a little later on this year.

The track is called ‘This One’s For You’ and was initially released (very mysteriously and unexpectedly) on iTunes in Spain back in January. It featured an unheard of vocalist, and had no real ‘home’ if you like. It was only released in Spain, had no promotion, had no intentions or plans of even being released and wasn’t on the re-release of David’s previous album ‘Listen’ which was titled ‘Listen Again’. The song has now been released officially, with current world dominating superstar Zara, and is set to hit digital retailers on 13th May.

It starts off sounding exactly like the ‘Bang My Head’ remix with Fetty Wap. You know, that song he initially did with Sia then went onto dampen with a “remix” like it needed it? Yeah… Anyway, it starts off very much like that. I mean of course, it is worth a listen, but only because of Zara Larsson. It seems like she’s the only exciting thing about this track.

It’s starting to look like David’s starting to lose his place in the dance universe, as the majority of his more recent stuff is beginning to sound a little dated. He was great a few years ago, but the dance genre is shifting a lot recently, and as the summer roles in, it’s harder to create a track that everyone’s going to want to listen to. He was great back in 2009 through to 2011, but I feel after that we’ve lost that spark. This song doesn’t change that thought whatsoever.

Although Zara flawlessly delivers, the song itself is just another mediocre, typical David Guetta song, which is a shame because Zara is outdoing herself with every single she’s either releasing herself of being featured on. This song doesn’t.

It’s not actually a bad song. It is a very good song, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. It doesn’t make me go “oh David’s delivered again!” but more of a “ah… that’s OK.” just to never hear it again unless it’s coincidentally played somewhere that I so happen to be.

Slightly overestimated this one.

Rate /10: 6

Single percentage – 60%

Is it worth buying? Meh

#1? No

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*PLEASE NOTE: ‘This One’s For You’ was not available for streaming at time of review, nor was it available on any other digital retailer for pre-order other than iTunes at time of review.


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