Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman

Deluxe Edition
Japanese Edition

Ariana Grande is back to bless the world with her heavenly vocals once again, and this time she’s more bad-ass than ever. Her third studio album succeeds her previous, ‘My Everything’ and this time she’s proving to out do herself, compared to the rest of her music career.

It seems this time she’s done a little ‘growing up’ as it were, and decided to explore a more sadistic, sexual, confident side, which hey, no one’s complaining. Of course, Ari being Ari, we can still expect those bubblegum pop songs as well so we’re not too lead astray from the Ariana we all fell in love with in the first place.

The album was released on digital retailers, and in stores worldwide on the 20th May.


1. Moonlight
In true Ariana style, it opens up with a soft composure. Imagine that scene from Twilight, you know that one where Edward and Bella are dancing in that little hut thing outside on their own… Yeah, imagine it’s you and your boyfriend/girlfriend, your crush, or if you’re that lonely, whoever you can think of, dancing ever so romantically underneath the stars. Aw. Well, this is that type of song and it’s lovely.  Ariana’s vocals proceed to pick you up and carry you on a mystical journey through the clouds looking at the stars.  I must admit, when looking at the tracklist, I did have higher expectations for this song, however it’s still a beautiful song all the same.
Rate /10: 7

2. Dangerous Woman
It’s like, if James Bond had a female alter-ego, and it got turned into a load of films, ‘Dangerous Woman’ would be a perfect for an opening title sequence. It’s very majestic to start of with, kind of like an innocence but with a sexual tease but as the song seems to continue to carry on. By the end of the song, it has you on top of your kitchen table stripping to your naked body waving your underwear around in the air. Ariana’s voice has always had it’s own specific sound to it, and it really helps with the way the songs been arranged. The guitar roars with sex on the last chorus of the song and Ari’s voice really takes it to the climax with her big notes and chords in the background. If this doesn’t make anyone feel sexy, it’s impossible for anything else to.
Rate /10: 7

3. Be Alright
YES YES YES. The PEERRRFECT Ariana song. Thank you Ariana Grande for releasing such a beautiful song.It’s a very pop-dance song, as you can probably imagine, but of course is serenaded by Ariana’s angelic vocals. Again, she releases one of those songs that just make you want to get up and dance. The production seems a bit too choppy for people not to notice, but everything else does just make up for that. Feel free to ‘vogue’ during this song too, as it’s the perfect song to ‘vogue’ to. If you don’t know what ‘voguing’ is, I suggest you look it up. Fast.
Rate /10: 8

4. Into You
Ariana is definitely not afraid of turning up the heat with this new album, and the album title is certainly starting to live up to it’s own name. It’s a sexy, dance number, and if it’s not this year’s gay anthem in the gay clubs across Miami and London, then nothing will. On the first verse, I honestly was expecting a mediocre song but as the chorus kicked in, well, how wrong I was. The song is nothing but fire. Ariana is only 22 and she’s completely on top of the world.
Rate /10: 8

5. Side to Side (feat. Nicki Minaj)
Well, this isn’t something we’ve seen before. This is very, reggae. It’s got a nice cool steady beat to it with a light strum of guitar holding it’s hand. Definitely the sort of song you can picture yourself listening to on the beaches of Jamaica, or anywhere in the Caribbean. This is the third time we’ve seen Nicki and Ariana collaborate, and it seems every song they collaborate on is different, but yet, still amazing, and this doesn’t stop that reign. Nicki doesn’t appear to be in the song for long but when she does deliver her hook, well, like Nicki Minaj does, she kills it.
Rate /10: 7

6. Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne)
So, it looks like Ariana Grande is no longer that one from Nickelodeon, but instead she is now a fully grown woman. A dangerous one. (Couldn’t resist)The song has a very edgy R&B but chill sound to it, which if you’re in bed with your lover, then this is the perfect song to get down and dirty too. Of course, without even listening to the song you can probably tell what it’s about as it features Lil Wayne, and it seems that he only ever ‘raps’ about two things. Sex or drugs. So yeah, as far as the Lil Wayne verse, it’s predictable.I wouldn’t say he adds anything to the song, and I do think that would have been a perfect opportunity to show her voice off in the song a little bit, as it’s a very mellow song, however, aside from that, it’s actually an alright song.
Rate /10: 6

7. Greedy
OK. I think I may have just lost my shit over this song. WOOOW. This song has energy, powerhouse, vocals, groove, dance and a whole lot more served all over this. It is just amazing. I actually don’t know what else to say. It’s one of those things where you have to experience something for yourself.
Rate /10: 8

8. Leave Me Lonely (feat. Macy Gray)
Moody, smoky and soulful. The three perfect words to describe this. If you ever are unhappy about being with someone and you need to leave, even though you love them so much, this song will give you that confidence. It’s mysterious, ad definitely not like any other song that Ariana has done before. Macy, at the age of almost 50, her voice is stronger and more soulful than ever before, and it’s lovely to hear their voices compliment each other. As far as the song goes, I was left a little underwhelmed, but whether that was just opinion, or maybe just the subject of the song, who knows.
Rate /10: 6

9. Everyday (feat. Future)
So in this song we work out that whoever Ariana is singing about, he gives her the ‘good shit, that makes her not quit’. So, she says quite repeatedly anyway. The best way to describe this one, is that it’s a very futuristic R&B/pop song, and the production on it is actually very good. Talking of futuristic, of course, it features Future, in which could be the reason as to why it sounds the way it does. Although his main feature is saying the word ‘everyday’ through pretty much the whole song, as well as his hook, he does actually add to the song in his own way. It’s not the best on the album, but certainly not the worst.
Rate /10: 7

10. Sometimes
So, in terms of ‘fan favorites’, I don’t think this one’s up there, however, it’s actually a very good song. The only problem with the less ‘out there’ songs is that although they stand out for not being out of the box, they still get skipped the majority as it’s nothing exciting. The song is just a very simple pop song, and there’s a bit on the bridge where her voice is added to a little auto-tune backing vocals, and it sounds impeccably glorious. It’s a very good pop song, but it’s not one of those ‘oh my god you have to listen to this’ type of songs.
Rate /10: 6

11. I Don’t Care
So, I’m not sure whether this is an interlude, or an actual song, but it appears to be an interlude. It sounds very similar to ‘Dangerous Woman’ in terms of arrangement, and it doesn’t seem to last that long either, even though it’s duration is actually 3 minutes long. Let’s just go with it being an interlude, and Ariana simply states that she just does not care.
Rate /10: 6

12. Bad Decisions
So after the little drought of feel good Ariana songs, this one seems to pick the spirits back up again. It’s a catchy pop song, where, of course, Ariana and her vocals are slaying. Again, in terms of fan favorites, I don’t think this will be up there, however the song itself doesn’t have the ability to be skipped. Be honest. Everyone skips songs on their faves albums all the time. It’s not exactly ‘Into You’ or ‘Greedy’ but hey, it’s still very enjoyable.
Rate /10: 7

13. Touch It
We’ve seemed to hit a dry wall. This song, unfortunately, offers nothing. This is a song that the album could have done with not having. It’s not bad, it just doesn’t add anything to the album, and I honestly believe it’s going to be the most skipped track on the album worldwide. Just after the second verse, it starts to become a little obvious with how the rest of it’s going to go, and with that, it starts to get a little boring.
Rate /10: 5

14. Knew Better/Forever Boy
So here we have 2 songs in one. Kind of obvious as to what the titles are, and it’s kind of what Rihanna done on her 2012 album, ‘Unapologetic’ with ‘Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary’, however this one isn’t as long. It’s 5 minutes to be exact and the second song doesn’t kick in until about 2 minutes and 15 seconds into it. The only problem I have with this song is that it sounds like it’s building up to something amazing, but we never actually quite get there. I definitely prefer the second half of the song as opposed to the first, but as a conclusion to the song or songs, it’s OK. Nothing spectacular, but not dry.
Rate /10: 6

15. Thinkin Bout You
So it seems she has a lot on her mind with whoever she’s thinking about, and I guess a lot of her fans would deem this song emotional, and it is. Just, it’s skidding towards the boring side a little, which is a shame because it also feels like that’s the point in terms of where the song is placed on the tracklist. I guess we get what we’ve been given.
Rate /10: 5

16. Step On Up
This is a little more lively. It’s a very drum filled-trumpet bop, and does have your head bobbing along to it. In terms of the song as a whole, it does have a lot more potential, but the song actually isn’t half bad. Perhaps I’m being pessimistic. I mean I suppose she has given us 18 songs… It’s not the best song on the album, but certainly not the worst.
Rate /10: 6

17. Jason’s Song (Gave It Away)
I don’t really know who Jason is, but Ariana seems pissed with him. It’s not exactly the ‘i’m going to fuck shit up when I see you,’ type song. It’s actually got quite a jazz groove to it, but it seems to go on forever, or what seems forever. It’s actually quite a boring song and it’s made no difference to the album whatsoever.
Rate /10: 4

18. Focus
So, at least the album finishes on some sort of high note. Although this one was initially the lead single, and half forgot about, it’s still great to hear it on the end of the album. It’s like a wake up call to remember that this is actually an Ariana Grande album and not Mariah Carey. No shade intended. A perfect ending to the album. Need I say more about this bop?

Rate /10: 7


So, at the beginning of the album, I had really high hopes. Ariana’s previous albums have been on point with only 1 or 2 songs that sometimes had to be skipped, with this one however, I think there’s only a few select songs that are actually only worth listening to. I believe this album became a lot more messier than what it had to be. What with the name change of the album, and then the ordering of the singles. It all just seems a bit rushed.

I believe the tracklisting, also, was purposefully put in that order to entice the audience into the album for the whole duration. The first half the album is banger after banger, yet, the more you delve into it, the less ‘dangerous’ it gets. It’s literally an anti-climatic album, and just as you’re about to fall into a deep sleep by the end of the album, ‘Focus’ is there to remind you that your sleeping session has now ended and you can resume back to normal.

There are some amazing songs on this album, some of her best in her career, but unfortunately they’re rounded off but the majority of her worst. I’m sure, in time, a few of the songs will have gotten used to, but until then, it pains me to say, this is Ariana’s worst album. As a whole, it isn’t a bad album, whatsoever, but compared to the last 2, this is the 3rd best.

Album percentage – 64%

Is it worth buying? Yes

Favourite song? Greedy or Into You

Album cover /10: 
Standard: 5
Deluxe: 5
Japanese: 5

#1 album? No

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*PLEASE NOTE: The review is the deluxe Japanese edition of the album


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