Rihanna – Sledgehammer


After the release of her eighth studio album earlier on this year, as well as featuring on Kanye West & Drake’s new album on top of Calvin Harris’ dance smash, it doesn’t seem that the Rihanna storm has quite quietened as of yet, as a new single titled ‘Sledgehammer’ has recently surfaced.

The song is rumoured to be featured as part of the end credits to the new Star Trek: Beyond film which is due out late next month, in which result of becoming apart of the films motion picture soundtrack. The song was written by Rihanna herself, as well as famous pen pal, Sia.

So I guess as an ‘end credits to an action film’ type song goes, this is definitely a great song. You can so tell Sia had a lot to do with this, as you could genuinely mistake the song for the ‘Chandelier’ songstress herself. The song may have almost made it on her earlier recent release ‘This Is Acting.’ 

It’s not the best Rihanna song, as it goes, and I guess if we’re including Sia in this too, it’s not the best Sia song either as it’s very Sia cliche, however, in terms of the situation in which it has arisen, it’s pretty okay.

It has that Sia ballad-esque production to it, and the vocals are also, very Sia, so I guess Rihanna’s vocals are all that seemed to be offered in this one, as well as the alien look which is featured in the single cover. I guess it’s just one of those things Rihanna can say she’s been apart of as well as thousands of other projects in her career so I guess in for that, at least, well done Rih.

Was a little underwhelming, but I guess you can’t please everyone all the time right?

Rate /10: 6

Single percentage – 60%

Is it worth buying? Meh

#1? No

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