Snakehips – Cruel (feat. ZAYN)


English dance duo are back again with their new single ‘Cruel’, which features former boyband and #1 artist ZAYN.

It follows after Snakehips previous effort ‘Money On Me,’ and smash hit ‘All My Friends’ and is due to be released this Friday! (15.07)
It’s expected the song will also feature on the upcoming debut album from Snakehips some point later on this year.

This could potentially either do really well or really bad, but let’s be optimistic and say that I believe it’s going to do really well. It has everything it needs to become a real summer song of the year contender and also be on of those songs you listen to 30 years into the future and think about the great summer you had in 2016. Or maybe not so great, but again, we’re being optimistic here.

Anywho, the song is clearly influenced by Japan and their electric sound, and that’s just the single cover, but there’s more as you dive into the streets of Tokyo with every beat and synth added to the song. Of course, ZAYN’s serenading vocals adds that little bit more of pleasure in this pop/dance gem, and as a whole, it’s genuinely a rather good song.

Reasons for that bit about whether it will do really good or really bad is just, Snakehips initial try outs went really well, and then just plummeted, but along with ZAYN’s help and a massively great song, it could see them rise again and further their status as the next big name in dance music. Who knows.

Rate /10: 7

Single percentage – 70%

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? No

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*PLEASE NOTE: ‘Cruel’ wasn’t available on any digital retailer, nor streaming website, other than Spotify at time of review. 


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