Katy Perry – Rise


Katy Perry is back! This triumph of pop music has officially released a brand new single for the 2016 Rio Olympics, titled ‘Rise,’ and is a little teaser of what’s expected in the near future.

After the huge success of her 2013 album ‘Prism’, it’s no denying that Katy Perry has definitely furthered her name as pop royalty, in becoming the new pop princess.  Whether the song will feature on Katy’s upcoming 4th studio album is unknown, but what we do know as that the anticipation is rife.

The song was premiered and released on Friday the 15th of July.

So, this one comes with a whoosh of excitement and a little bit of disappointment.

The beginning of the song sounds amazing, you literally feel like you’re preparing yourself for this big epic fight against some really bad guys which could result in your death but saving the world also, just to find the anti-climax of the song in the chorus, and this big epic fight, and killing lots of bad people, turns into killing a wasp with fly spray that’s managed to fit in the crack of your window. Of course, still very scary stuff, just not as heroic.

More to the point, it’s not an awful song. It’s not. It just has you believing it’s something, that it clearly isn’t but let’s not forget that this isn’t a lead single of an upcoming album, as fr as we know, so there’s still hope.

Rate /10: 6

Single percentage – 60%

Is it worth buying? No

#1? No

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