Frank Ocean – Endless

FINALLY! Frank Ocean has officially returned with 2 brand new albums after impatiently waiting for 4 years and sending the internet into meltdown.

One of his new albums which is titled ‘Endless,’ dropped via a livestram on his website, along with a whole full length visual to accompany the soundtrack. The visual is currently available on iTunes and Apple Music. Amongst rumours of an official audio album being available also, Frank also dropped ANOTHER list of new music in audio form, with the title ‘blonde’. The albums which were initially due to be called “Boys Don’t Cry” follow after Franks debut solo album ‘Channel Orange.

1. Device Control (Intro)
In true Frank Ocean style, the album starts with an intro (of course) which only lasts 23 seconds long, and nothing really happens other than you feel like you’re climbing through the live wires and codes of the internet.
Rate /10: 5

2. At Your Best (You Are Love)
So the album starts with an unwinding cover of a 1976 classic from The Isley Brothers, and is done alluringly. The song has already had another beautiful cover, in 1994 from the late R&B princess, Aaliyah. This is a graceful start to the album and it’s definitely worth the wait.
Rate /10: 8

3. Alabama
What seems a brief interlude, this piece seems to transport you into the lost childhood of Frank, and you really do find yourself concentrating on those lyrics. An enigmatic piece.
Rate /10: 7

4. Mine
Again, what seems another interlude, also seems very personal. In this one, it’s as if he’s saying goodbye to that childhood, or a brief period in his life. I could be wrong. Analysing interludes may not be my thing.
Rate /10: 6

5. U-N-I-T-Y
I think, with this one, you need to be mega high to try and at least get on a level of understanding. Somehow, it’s still very enjoyable.
Rate /10: 7

6. In A Certain Way (Ambience 001)
It’s a twelve second clip. The piano’s good I guess.
Rate /10: 7

7. Commes des Garcons
If you want a minute bop whilst you’re waiting for a cab, this is the one for you. It has a real bop to it.
Rate /10: 7

8. Honeybaby (Ambience 002)
I’m not quite sure where he’s going with this one.
Rate /10: 6

9. Wither
If you ever need to evaluate how good life is, and how thankful you should be, and how lucky you are for the opportunities in life, grab a joint, get high, lay on a field on a warm summers evening with your lover or your best friend and watch the clouds drift past you, with the sun setting beyond the horizon, and listen to this masterpiece.
Rate /10: 8

10. Hubolts
Rate /10: 5

11. In Here Somewhere
What sounds like a transition on the album, this instrumental shows off the production talent on this new album. I do believe this song is very  much for the eyes as equally as it is the ears.
Rate /10: 5

12. Slide on Me
What could be a firm favourite among fans and the general public, Slide on Me gives a strong account of the production and vocals simultaneously coming together on this new LP. It has a steady beat, impeccable vocals, and you get to hear the words ‘slide on me,’ fall out of Frank’s mouth. What more could you possibly want in a song?
Rate /10: 7

13. Sideways
Again, another hopeful transmission…
Rate /10: 4

14. Florida
Again, if you need to evaluate your life and how thankful you should be, grab a joint, sit on a field and watch the sunset. Let Frank’s angelic harmonious, exquisite  melodies and vocals lift you up and take you on a mindful journey.
Rate /10: 9

15. Deathwish (ASR)
One word about this song… BASS.
Rate /10: 6

16. Rushes
POWERHOUSE. This could actually go down as my personal favourite on the album. It’s all very calm and collective, and as the vocals draw to a close you’re hit with this infectious beat, but still very chill. The production and the vocals on this piece left me SHOOK.
Rate /10: 9

17. Rushes To
I guess if you’re looking for a song which catches Frank in all his glory and divinity, this is that song. The emotion was conveyed in every note, up to the point where I, even shed a tear. I don’t cry. Ever. I literally felt like this song tells a story through the rawness of his voice, and it’s captivating to listen to
Rate /10: 9

18. Higgs/Outro
Possibly the best outro to any album you will EVER hear. Frank Ocean did that. He has literally turnt a mobile phone comparison review into a house bop, and the funny thing about it is, it actually sounds pretty good.
Rate /10: 8


After years of patiently (or impatiently) waiting, this album has dropped and certainly disappoint. I get there are a lot of instrumentals which are conveyed and could well possibly be interludes, but I think visually, and listening to it as one big piece, it makes sense, and listening to them piece by piece can sound a little messy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because the album is clearly not just for audio only, or maybe even visually, because I do believe we are witnessing a new form of art. A lot of people presume art to be just visual only, so I love the fact that Frank’s gone ahead and chnaged the game a little by making a physical visual and audio representation as an art piece.

The whole thing in general comes together perfectly, and could go down as one of the most perfected album in history because the whole thing is just sublime. Was 4 years worth the wait? Absolutely. Frank Ocean proving once again why he is so respected in terms of the music industry, and why he is so respected by the general public. He puts every emotion into every song, and THAT is music. Stunning.

Album percentage – 68%

Is it worth buying? Yes

Favourite song? Rushes/Rushes To

#1? No

Support Frank Ocean

Watch the visual to Endless here:
Apple Music

*PLEASE NOTE: ‘Endless’ was not on any digital retailers at time of review


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