Frank Ocean – Blonde

Frank Ocean – Blonde

The second installment of Frank Ocean’s return comes with a more similar approach with an audio album titled ‘Blonde,’ which is stylized as “blond”.

Frank is currently setting pop up shops around the U.S selling the album along with a full length feature magazine, titled ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’ which was the initial name of the album. The album includes features along the likes of Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar to name a few. He recently dropped another list of songs, along with a visual titled ‘Endless,’ which is currently available to watch on Apple Music.


1. Nikes
Making the choice to pick a song to start off an album is always a risky and difficult one, and I don’t believe he made a wrong decision. He opened up with a slow track to edge people into being curious into the rest of the album, and well, of course they will, it’s brand new Frank Ocean. In terms of the song itself, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Cliché Frank. But that’s what we fell in love with in the first place.
Rate /10: 5

2. Ivy
I lost myself thinking I was listening to a U2 song. It’s surprisingly very chill, and clearly very personal. We like personal. Frank’s voice sort of carries itself along with a strum of a guitar, which, in first glance could be mistaken for that little strum in Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light.’ The ending is slightly… Odd shall we say?
Rate /10: 6

3. Pink + White (feat. Beyonce)
Alright, so you don’t hear much from Beyonce, but this song actually is quite splendid. Vision yourself in Central Park on a hot summers day, or if you’re British, Hyde Park is cool, eating ice cream, laid on a towel on a patch of grass just staring the clouds away as they drift past. Frank seems to be good at recreating those scenarios with his music, and it’s beautiful.
Rate /10: 8

4. Be Yourself
Frank’s mother giving inspirational advice on a little interlude there. Or is it Frank’s mum? Who knows? Just don’t smoke marijuana.
Rate /10: 7

5. Solo
That phrase, you know, “take me to church,” I guess that could be associated with this one. Very chill, very simple, and it’s a pleasure to appreciate Frank’s angelic voice over a church organ. He did that with this one.
Rate /10: 7

6. Skyline To (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
I suggest not taking any recreational drugs when listening to this. Again, one of those blissful summer songs, and of course, Frank smashed it. This one seems a little more chill than the others, and listening to it, you kinda feel almost transported to a forest with the sun beaming through the trees, and then in a sunflower field, and then sitting on the clouds. That’s without recreational drugs… Either way, the song is literal bliss.
Rate /10: 7

7. Self Control
Make love, then look at your lover, partner, husband, wife, whatever, and listen to this. Listening to it makes you feel connected to something in someway, and so I can only imagine that after connecting with someone physically, why not connect with someone spiritually straight after with this beautiful remedy? Frank delivers again. Again, very simple, but Frank clearly knows how to put that magical spin on everything.
Rate /10: 8

8. Good Guy
In this interlude (of course, there’s more than one) Frank talks about going to a gay bar. Fascinating.
Rate /10: 5

9. Nights
I almost feel like this one doesn’t seem to shift anywhere. I think it just depends on where you are at in your life in so many stages as to what Frank songs you can really connect to and enjoy, as to others, and that’s why I love how diverse Frank can be, because you are guaranteed to love something. This one I just wasn’t feeling.
Rate /10: 5

10. Solo (Reprise feat. Andre 3000)
So, Andre 3000 just basically ripped a new asshole right in the middle of this album. That interlude went off.
Rate /10: 7

11. Pretty Sweet
Couldn’t quite work out if this is another interlude or another song as it’s fairly short but not as short as the other interludes, and there seems to be a lot more instrumental in this one too. As a conclusion to this one, I am confused, but it’s pretty sweet. (I love making puns)
Rate /10: 6

12. Facebook Story (feat. Sebastian)
It’s an interlude about Facebook, yes, but if you really understand the meaning behind it, like REALLY, then you get to understand the message that it’s giving off. It’s a strong one too.
Rate /10: 8

13. Close To You
Rate /10: 5

14. White Ferrari
I suppose if we’re deconstructing this one, I don’t think he’s talking about a white Ferrari as an actual car he drives around. Well he could be, but I would firstly presume he’s talking metaphorically. White can often be associated with being pure, or innocent, so perhaps it derives from that. Either that, or the guy/girl he’s talking about, literally did used to go out in a white Ferrari with him and hang out. It’s personal all the same, so we can suggest, and it’s kinda cute.
Rate /10: 6

15. Siegfried
Although not very catchy, I feel like this song shows Frank at his most vulnerable. Siegfried can be analysed in German as “brave” so although it comes through that Frank shows his vulnerability, it’s very juxtaposed at the fact that with bravery, comes being vulnerable. Bravery defeats vulnerability.
Rate /10: 7

16. Godspeed (feat. Kim Burrell)
Finding that song, where you wish someone all the best and having to let them go is the most heart wrenching thing you have to do can be hard to find, but I think this one has to be the other of all heartbreak songs. It’s so raw and honest, and even down to the littlest instrument chords, shows the edginess of that emotion. Beautiful.
Rate /10: 8

17. Futura Free
What almost feels like he’s saying goodbye (hopefully not), or thank-you, it still makes you appreciate Frank Ocean that little bit more than you thought you could possibly do. It escalates throughout the whole duration, and at the end of it, sounds like a whiskful of home videos and interviews, and although it sounds messy and a little chaotic at times, again, it makes you appreciate this album, and Frank as a person a little bit more. A nice way to outro the album.
Rate /10: 7


So what with the whole visual album too, I believe this adds to that effect of the art of emotion and life. Frank single-handedly  puts together an album for life everytime he composes and writes one. Ok, chart wise, it’s not amazing, but we’re missing the point that Frank does this for the people, and not particularly for the money, and I honestly do believe that he will be remembered for his honesty and raw emoton in his music for decades to come. I can see Frank Ocean being mentioned for years and years, for giving so much to music, in which we don’t see much of anymore.

Album percentage – 70%

Is it worth buying? Yes

Favourite song? Pink + White

Album cover /10: 8

#1 album? Yes

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*PLEASE NOTE: Blonde was not available on any other digital retailers at time of review.


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