Britney Spears – Glory

Here we go then!

So, we have a new Britney album, and there seems to be a mixed buzz about what we should do with it. After 2013′s ‘Britney Jean,’ a lot of people are wondering whether if this album’s going to be even worth it. I think it’s safe to say, that ‘Britney Jean’ is probably Britney’s worst album, and after the dwindling success of the previous album, and the random track ‘Pretty Girls’,last year, which featured already declining artist, Iggy Azalea, it was unclear of how Britney’s career would carry on in the future.

Beginning of this year, however, it was confirmed that Britney would make a return, with a lead single dropping only a few months after titled ‘Make Me..’ which features G-Eazy. Again, a lot of speculation on social media lead to a lot questions, which leads us today.

‘Glory.’ Are we really witnessing a comeback for the pop princess, or are we watching a flame which ones roared, burn out?


1. Invitation
It seems carefully thought about having the opening song titled ‘Invitation,’ but also very clever. The song kind of opens up a very light, heavenly feel to the initial pop rush of the album. A calm before the storm if you like, and it almost leaves you wanting more as you journey on through the album. The auto-tune is a little disappointing as I do believe it comes across too heavy, but otherwise, a very happy start to the album.
Rate /10: 6

2. Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)
Whilst only debuting at a mediocre #17 on the Billboard Hot 100, ‘Make Me…’was the first taste to have come off the album, serving as a lead single. The song, surprisingly, I believe, is very underrated. It’s a catchy pop song, with some great vocals and a very good production. It’s placed nicely on the tracklist, carrying on that initial theme of good, light, pop music. G-Eazy, doesn’t really add much to the song as his verse does seem a little too predictable and cliché, but I guess you have to give credit where it’s due.
Rate /10: 7

3. Private Show
So, delving just beyond the shallow waters of ‘Glory’, we start to witness some stronger vocals from Ms. Spears, that we haven’t heard in some time, if not ever. This song makes it abundantly clear that this album is no joke, and that she’s not toying around this time. ‘Private Show’ makes you feel as if you and your partner are having innocent mischief underneath the covers, which makes you bring out your youth, and feel young again. It’s, again, a light-hearted, quirky, innocent little number, and we do get to appreciate Britney’s vocal abilities a little bit more in this one.
Rate /10: 6

4. Man on the Moon
Miss bubblegum-pop Britney? Miss bubblegum-pop in general? This one is definitely for you. If you find yourself replaying Aqua for the 17,000th time, fear no more. ‘Man on the Moon’ definitely serves as a 100% official pop song, and it’s almost, kind of got it’s own nostalgic feeling to it. Almost as if it’s 2003 again, and it’s actually very nice. It’s a cute song, with cute lyrics, and a great arrangement, and could go down with as one of the songs that stands out the most on the album.
Rate /10: 7

5. Just Luv Me
What appears to be a transition from light-hearted pop, to a more serious, emotional talk, ‘Just Luv Me,’ serves as a Selena Gomez type style pop song, with a chilled beat and a simple arrangement, and I must say, Britney does it well. I could see this being a quite well-received single with the right promotion and enough airplay, and would act as a good song to listen to in a car on a hot summers day.
Rate /10: 7

6. Clumsy
Yet again, another transition, and it appears with have dance floor Britney back. Not necessarily a bad thing, as dance floor Britney can provide us with some good hits, however this one seems a little awkward. The verses and the bridges are OK, but the drop seems a little anti-climatic in some way. I almost feel as if this whole jack-the-lad swing/dance sound is a little trying too hard in some areas. It’s not overly an awful song, but that tad bit of awkwardness shows it to be the weakest song this far into the album.
Rate /10: 5

7. Do You Wanna Come Over?
After being released as a promotional song, there seemed to have been a lot of mixed reviews on social media. There was a lot of talk about this album potentially being another Britney Jean, and then there was a lot of talk about how this could be her best album for a long time, and I can see why. This song kind of reminds me of that transition she made just over a decade ago when she was this sweet, innocent teenage pop-star, to when she released ‘I’m A Slave 4 U,’ and I honestly believe this song could be as iconic among fans. OK, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s the sexy, daring Britney that we fell in love with all those years ago, and again, slight feeling of nostalgia.
Rate /10: 6

8. Slumber Party
So after asking if you wanted to go after, it seems a slumber party would be on the cards, and in all fairness, it does sound like one hell of a slumber party. Again, probably one of the songs that stands out on the album, and probably a favourite among fans, this groovy little number will have you wanting tequila shots in your pyjamas. The production, the vocals, just the song in general, everything is quite fantastic, and offers a side to Britney never seen or heard of before, and I like it.
Rate /10: 8

9. Just Like Me
They say with a climax, there’s an anti-climax, and this song doesn’t disprove this theory. After such a buzz with the previous track, we’re back to having a simple production with no real ‘oomph.’ We have a guitar playing us in, to then quite a lazy beat taking us through the rest of the song, with some quite lazy lyrics and then a guitar playing us out again. In all honesty, this song seems a bit rushed, and it will probably end up as one of the most skipped songs on the album.
Rate /10: 5

10. Love Me Down
I love how experimental Britney is on this album, and this song is a great example as to why. Not normally the type of song you’d hear Britney record, this comes as quite a modern R&B bass type song, with a quite a catchy drop. The verses are very Gwen Stefani, lyrically and musically, but as it draws to the bridge before the initial drop, the game changes completely, and at the drop leaves you slut dropping for the gods. This would go off at a nightclub.
Rate /10: 7

11. Hard To Forget Ya
Again with the whole anti-climax situation, the previous song seemed to have started to help me recover from the initial anti-climax, just to be brought back down again. This one isn’t so bad though, in all fairness, but I do believe I was mislead into thinking this song would go one way, rather than the way it did. Upon initially listening to it from the start, with the verse and then the build up to the chorus, you have in your head that this song will go off, but then the chorus drops and it’s like asking for Chanel but getting Walmart.
Rate /10: 6

12. What You Need
OK, so here’s my problem, I love Britney, and yes, this album is proving to be one of her best for a very long time, if not, her career, but it’s songs like this she just doesn’t need. There’s no real point to this one. It just doesn’t seem to budge. It sounds the same virtualy the whole way through, and the lyrics are very cliché, boring and lazy. Possibly the worst song on the album.
Rate /10: 4

13. Better
YES. Just when you thought you had heard the best songs on the album, Britney comes through with this, and it’s so much better! (See what I did there?) This tropical dance floor number would probably be extremely well received by the general public if it ever saw a release. This is the type of song that you want to listen to on a hot summers day.
Rate /10: 8

14. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
Oh my… I take back that theory of the anti-climax thing. This spicy little number will get you working up in no time. I have changed my mind. (I do like these puns.) This as a single, I believe would also do really well and could actually be another one of those iconic songs released by Britney if it ever sees the daylight as a single, again, of course with the right promotion and airplay. This Latin infused bop will have you shouting for sambuca in no time.
Rate /10: 8

15. Liar
It appears Britney has a Eurovision entry. Surprsingly, it’s not actually a bad song, it’s actually rather good. This is definitely something you would hear in the Eurovision Song Contest, as it has that cliché euro-pop cheese feel to it, which isn’t a bad thing, hence why Eurovision has so many fans across the globe, and Britney being an icon in so many ways, this makes it a tad more worth listening to.
Rate /10: 6

16. If I’m Dancing
Well… If anyone is still listening up to this point… I’m not really sure what’s going on with this one. The production is cheap, there’s no real lyrical activity, and she’s doing that awkward British accent, which you know, we all love and adore, but there’s a time and a place, and this isn’t one of them. Sorry Brit.
Rate /10: 3

17. Coupre Electrique
To be able to sing in Spanish, and then sing a whole song in French on one album, it’a rather impressive if you’re not fluent in any of those langauges so hats off to Britney on that one. This song shows a darker side to the album, which, in terms of where it is on the album slightly confuses me, because the album as a whole is actually quite a good, happy, upbeat album, so to then have a song titled ‘blackout,’ in French, which is quite dark and mysterious seems a bit juxtaposing, but hey.
Rate /10: 5


So is Britney releasing another album really worth it? Absolutely. After the success of ‘Blackout’ and ‘Circus,’ and then the mediocre success of ‘Femme Fatale,’ there was a lot of pressure to be able to top those continuously with every album, and it’s unfortunate how one album saw a lot of people turn their backs on Britney. It’s kind of the same situation with Lady Gaga when she released ‘ARTPOP’ the same year as Britney released ‘Britney Jean.’ The music business isn’t so much about the music these days, but more over who’s selling more, and who’s got the longest #1, and OK, ‘Britney Jean’ wasn’t the best album, but Britney has given us so much over the last decade and a bit, so I’m glad to see this album turning heads and making others question themselves as to whether it was right to turn on Britney in the first place. This album is quite the pop masterpiece, and of course it is too, as it only comes from the only reigning princess of pop. Britney Spears, again once showing the other girls how it’s done.

Album percentage – 61%

Is it worth buying? Yes

Favourite song? Slumber Party/Better/Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)

#1? No

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*PLEASE NOTE: This review was of the deluxe edition of the album


One thought on “Britney Spears – Glory

  1. I gotta challenge your opinion on What You Need. As a fan of Britney and just a fan of music period, that’s one of the songs I was most impressed with when first listening to the album. It’s not something that she usually does, completely different genre but possessed GREAT vocals and clever production. It actually reminded me of something that would go on Christina Aguilera’s Back II Basics album. It’s a really good song, definitely one of the best recorded in her career.


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