Zara Larsson – Ain’t My Fault


Swedish pop sensation, Zara Larsson has just dropped her second single off her upcoming debut album, fresh from attending the VMA’s. Although Zara unfortunately didn’t win her only nomination for Best New Act, she still rightfully deserves a VMA at some point for her work so far.

With the huge successes of her previous single ‘Lush Life,’ as well as collaborations with Tinie Tempah on ‘Girls Like,’ David Guetta’s ‘This One’s For You,’  and MNEK’s ‘Never Forget You,’ Zara’s future in music is looking pretty promising, and now she’s ready to see if the new single will add to that pretty impressive streak.

The song’s titled ‘Ain’t My Fault’, and was written by Zara herself and good friend, MNEK and was released on digital retailers on Sept. 2.

I think it’s safe to say that she can add this song to her list of smash hits. In terms of arrangement, it seems a little too obvious, and doesn’t sound like anything that we haven’t heard before, which is a teeny bit disappointing as it didn’t seem like that was the way it was going. I’m not sure if this song was intentionally produced the way it was to play a safe card, or if that’s just the genuine sound that was planned.

It’s a song that has a cool opening verse, with a very tense build up to the chorus, and then a drop which consists of trumpets (obviously) and a good bassline. The song isn’t bad whatsoever, it’s actually very catchy, and as always, Zara’s vocals slay shit out of the water, but it’s nothing new. Everyone seems to fall for any song with a drop with some added trumpet these days, and it looks like this songs going to be added to that list.

It will be played to death on the radio and in clubs worldwide, which isn’t a negative point I’m trying to make, you get that promo Zara, but I wouldn’t look back in 10 years time and think “oh yeah Zara Larsson. Remember that iconic single ‘Ain’t My Fault’?”

In conclusion, the song is great, very catchy, good, fun pop song, just a little too cliché.

Rate /10: 6

Single percentage – 60%

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? No

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Get ‘Ain’t My Fault’ here:

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*PLEASE NOTE: ‘Ain’t My Fault’ was no available on any other digital retailers other than iTunes at time of review


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