Sia – The Greatest (feat. Kendrick Lamar)


After impeccable success of her most recent album released beginning of this year, Sia is ready to return with another album titled ‘We Are Your Children.’

The lead single titled ‘The Greatest’ was dropped on the 6th Sept. along with a music video on streaming services and digital retailers. There’s a slight twist. American rapper Kendrick Lamar features on the song, but only on the streaming and digital versions only. You won’t find him in the music video, or on the audio to the music for the music video, as Sia goes it alone.

The video represents the Orlando Pulse nightclub tragedy which happened only a few months ago, with a strong message to accompany the song, which also speaks volumes on the incident.

There are no words for this song. The music literally speaks for itself on this one.

As you relate to many poignant moments in your life, you can relate specific songs to that moment and create an emotional connection to that song and that moment. This song creates so many emotional connections on personal levels, and on levels where an act of hatred has caused so much damage in the belief of freedom and acceptance, in which only makes us, as people, want to fight harder every day.

The music video shows Maddie Zielger as a ‘protector’ if you like, taking care of 49 children, with rainbow tears smeared on her cheeks. In the very beginning she kicks down what looks like a prison cell door and shows them how to dance and be free. The ending however is quite sad, as they dance and fall to the floor dramatically, showing bullet holes in the wall behind them. This visual, along with the song brings tears to your eyes.

Although Kendrick Lamar isn’t on the music video version, on the version in which he does feature on, his lyrics speak truth, which you can expect no less from a man who believes in freedom himself. Although his hook doesn’t last very long, what  he does say has a huge affect, not only the song, but freedom in general.

This song has to be one of, if not, the most important song released this year.

Rate /10: 9

Single percentage – 90%

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? Let’s hope so

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Get ‘The Greatest’ here:
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*PLEASE NOTE: Kendrick Lamar is not on the music video version in which the YouTube link directs you to.
‘The Greatest’ was not available on TIDAL at time of review.


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