Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion



The new queen of pop is back with her first single in just under 3 years titled ‘Perfect Illusion.’ The song was written by Gaga herself as well as Mark Ronson and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. The song was also produced by the trio, as well as rising producer, BloodPop.

The song is the lead single off Gaga’s upcoming fifth album which is due to be released this year. After only 2 weeks off the song being initially announced, and a lot of teasing within those weeks, Gaga released the song on Sept. 9, and as you can imagine, little monsters are going crazy.

Ladies and Gentleman, little monsters, GAGA IS BACK! WOW. THIS SONG GOES OFF.

So what starts off sounds a little like ‘Electric Chapel,’ a song that she did for her album ‘Born This Way’ back in 2011, and as the verse kicks in, you find yourself kicking along to the beat. Her vocals already slaying by this point.

As the song continues, and delve deeper and deeper into this new era of Gaga, you find yourself in tears, air guitaring like you’ve just won the lottery, hairs standing on edge. This song is inexplicable. It is one almighty roar.

The great thing I love about Gaga, an this song, is that you can always expect her to bring something different to the table. Gaga has always been the one for pushing the boat out with her music and she is what we need in music right now. 99% of the songs in the charts now are dance songs, with really mediocre lyrics, which is fine, just not when the top 100 is covered in dance songs that all sound the same, and then Lady Gaga comes along and destroys them all with this dance-rock record, that slays shit out of the water, like she’s done since 2008.

This song, when it comes to details and lyrics and sound and production and everything else, is definitely worthy of a #1 spot worldwide.

A lot of people may doubt whether Gaga still has her quirkiness that she had between 08 and 12, but I believe with every era that she’s evolving into, get’s stronger and stronger. ‘ARTPOP’ may not have done so well compared to the rest, but where Gaga was at in her personal life, as well as what was going on behind the scenes in her management, ‘ARTPOP’ still fired considering what was going on. Now everything is sorted and Gaga is back in a good place, it’s safe to say we could be watching Lady Gaga go into her second imperial phase and watch her make the marks for pop music once again.

Rate /10: 9

Single percentage – 90%

Is it worth buying? YES!

#1? Yes

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