Bruno Mars – 24K Magic


After taking a teeny break, and then his huge input alongside Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars is back to show the boys how it’s done once again.

After constantly reinventing himself with new sounds to his music with every album, Bruno Mars is rapidly becoming one of the most successful and most popular male artists of this generation, and this new era doesn’t seem to show any sign of his reign ending anytime soon.

So the song itself is actually one of those songs that you just can’t help but love on the first listen. Even though it’s all very 90′s disco, R&B synth, it seems to just fall together quite perfectly. It’s groovy, the beat is ear catching, and the synths just round it off to make this a song that won’t exit out of your mind quickly.

The song, to me, reminded me a little of Kendrick Lamar, and his song ‘King Kunta.’ with a hint of Snoop Dogg’s ‘Signs’. Bruno’s flow is very Kendrick, so it’s no shock that the whole song also has similarities. Coincidence? Maybe. It doesn’t mean that ‘24K Magic’ is a bad song, because truth be told, it’s not.

Is it classic Bruno Mars? Of couse it’s not, but it’s a breath of fresh air hearin and seeing somehing in the charts that doesn’t sound as cliché and as boring as the rest of the greyscale pop music around today.

Rate /10: 8

Single percentage – 80%

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? No

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