Lady Gaga – Joanne

So here it is! The long awaited fifth solo album from the pop queen herself, Lady Gaga. It comes after almost 3 years of her last pop album ‘ARTPOP’ and 2 years of her jazz album alongside Tony Bennett, ‘Cheek to Cheek’.

‘Joanne’ is named after Gaga’s late aunt who passed away before Gaga was born. Although never meeting Joanne, Gaga has said that she has always felt her close by, and before hitting the stage, Gaga and her team always say a prayer in her name.

The album has collaborations vocally and in production from the likes of Florence Welch,  Father John Misty, RedOne, and Mark Ronson to name a few.


1. Diamond Heart
What is there to say? In true, iconic Lady Gaga style, the album starts off with a banger. This has all sorts of influences in it, ranging from country, to pop, to 80′s rock, and even a hint of dance, but most of all, I’d say it’s a very modern Blondie type song, which pretty much sums all those genres into one. The production is flawless and proves to be a great start to the album.
Rate /10: 9

2. A-YO
And straight into another whirlwind of guitars and catchy beats, ‘A-YO’ seems to act as a little sister to ‘ARTPOP’s ‘MANiCURE’. After performing it at the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour earlier on this month, this one is no stranger to the fans and even the general public. After the follow up to ‘Diamond Heart’ it seems a little underwhelming, but it’s still pretty good.
Rate /10: 7

3. Joanne
This one reminds of a sad part in a film where two people have gone their separate ways and it shows you little snippets of what they’re doing with their lives. Paying homage to her aunt, this dedication is obviously very close to Gaga’s heart and imaginably close to her family’s heart too. It’s a heart felt song and the upset and the rawness of emotion in Gaga’s voice really put’s that message in goodbye into perspective.
Rate /10: 7

4. John Wayne
Yeehaw. So let’s put some corn in between our teeth, jump on a horse, grab a few crates of beer and ride through the cities of the world and have some fun. This is a punch in the face of country dance and is rather quite enjoyable. It’s a bad-ass rebellious hit with an in your face beat and of course, Gaga’s shit hot vocals.
Rate /10: 8

5. Dancin’ In Circles
ASDFGHJKL. WHAT. SCALPED. This is just iconic. Undoubtedly one of, if not the best song Gaga has had on an album possibly since ‘Born This Way’. It’s one that you’re always going to remember, not necessarily just from this album but in Gaga’s career. It’s a very Latin influenced song, and it works so well. Genuinely a great, great song.
Rate /10: 9

6. Perfect Illusion
So what starts off sounds a little like ‘Electric Chapel,’ a song that she did for her album ‘Born This Way’ back in 2011, and as the verse kicks in, you find yourself kicking along to the beat. Her vocals already slaying by this point. As the song continues, and delve deeper and deeper into this new era of Gaga, you find yourself in tears, air guitaring like you’ve just won the lottery, hairs standing on edge. This song is inexplicable. It is one almighty roar.
Rate /10: 9

7. Million Reasons
So it seems that when it comes down to writing those beautiful heart felt numbers, she’s still got it. Every era Gaga seems to serve those heart strings on a platinum, diamond encrusted plate and it never gets boring. From ‘Brown Eyes,’ to ‘Speechless,’ from ‘You and I,’ to ‘Dope,’ and now ‘Million Reasons.’It’s phenomenal that we watch a woman stride from strength to strength, genre to genre, era to era, and still manage to not only outdo herself, but also other artists, with even the slower ballads. This song has more of a country sound to it, a little like ‘You And I’, but minus the rock and roll, but more heart and soul. The melodies and Gaga’s vocals give you the real chills and really puts you in a place of honesty.
Rate /10: 8

8. Sinner’s Prayer
Again another country influenced song, also performed at the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour, ‘Sinner’s Prayer,’ actually sounds like it could be an old Miley Cyrus type record. Imagine the collaboration? Sheesh. It’s a very laid back song, again, another catchy beat that’ll make you tap along.
Rate /10: 8

9. Come To Mama
Not your everyday Lady Gaga song. It’s got a Beatles sound to it, very nostalgic 60′s sound with a modern day twist. It’s a peace song about loving each other and getting along etc. which is good because it doesn’t stray too far from the idea that this is Lady Gaga and she stands by what she believes in, which you will find a lot of in her speeches and the ‘Born This Way’ album. Although not my personal favourite, still pretty good.
Rate /10: 6

10. Hey Girl (feat. Florence Welch)
Let’s just take time to appreciate the fact that we have another iconic collaboration that will be remembered in generations to come. This song is so important to music right now in so many ways. First of all, the song itself is just remarkable. The passing back and forward between these two iconic musicians is just fantastic. The message of the song is beautiful. Two women supporting each other, we need more of that. The production is divine. A Stevie Wonder/Prince sounding backing track with 80′s synth, that’s enough to make any one go nuts. The whole thing is just so important in so many ways. Possibly the best collaboration in music since Gaga and Beyoncé.
Rate /10: 9

11. Angel Down
Wow. Emotion at it’s best. First of all, the production on this is amazing. It really catches the emotion in all it’s glory. The lyrics are so meaningful and raw, and honest, it just really puts a lot of whats going on in the world today into perspective. Lyrics like ‘angel down, angel down, but the people just stood around.’ Sheesh. Right in the heart.
Rate /10: 8

12. Grigio Girls
JALAPENO. PINOT GRIGIO GIRLS. This is unlike any Gaga song you may have heard before, as it’s strayed away from the pop side of things. It’s actually full of a guitar background. Wasn’t expecting this sound from Gaga, but she suits it… As she does with any genre… Unfortunately, despite it being quite good, it falls behind as one of the most boring on the album.
Rate /10: 6

13. Just Another Day
For years, a lot of people were talking about how they wish “the old Gaga” would write songs “like she used to,” but this song proves that, that Gaga never even went anywhere. Lady Gaga is always thinking outside the box so to keep doing the same thing all the time, a lot of people would find her very boring very quickly, but writing different material in different genres, to then reminisce a more nostalgic sound to when you first started is actually very pleasing, and keeps that interest level high. She knows what she’s doing. This one actually reminded me a little like “Blueberry Kisses” and “Oh Well.” Two demos that are hovering around on the internet from around 2008. It’s very The Beatles, as were the demos, and it’s actually very heart felt hearing Gaga and her jazz pal Brian Newman making such a beautiful nostalgic song.
Rate /10: 7 

14. Angel Down (Work Tape)
And if you need another reminder of how heart wrenching the initial Angel Down is, you have the work tape to do so. Just as heartbreaking, emotional and raw as the last one.
Rate /10: 8


Well the first question I guess a lot of people are asking is, is Lady Gaga actually over? Like fuck is she. This album has proved to those non believers who didn’t know that Gaga is constantly shifting as an artist. The one thing you can always count on with Lady Gaga, as we’ve always done, is thinking out of the box. She’s never typical with the type of music that she releases with every album. Every album sounds different, has a different message, a different look, which is why Gaga will always be the most truthful, most artistic and most honest musician today.

A lot of people, well, a lot of those on Twitter (other fanbases) will say that because she isn’t constantly hitting the #1 spot, or she isn;t outselling the last record that “no one’s interested in her anymore” and in all honesty, it’s the biggest load of shit ever. People still talk about Lady Gaga, people still love to listen to her music. Just because she isn’t releasing generic dance recycled trash once every month doesn’t mean she’s not relevant. In fact, if anything it makes her one of the most relevant artists is the industry and that’s why she will always be remembered. Not just for the costumes, not just for the music, not just for what she stands for, but for her legacy. How she never changed for anyone. She hasn’t been let into this industry where artists don’t have a lot of say in what they’re performing or releasing. She does what she believes in, and that’s why she works with the icons. That’s why she is, an icon. This album proves it.

In terms of the album, the album is just fantastic. Of course it is. It’s a complete game changer, not only her her and the fans, but also for other artists. The country influence has really worked with this album, and again, Lady Gaga has managed to release an A+ album with some remarkable songs. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’d done.

Album percentage – 78%

Is it worth buying? Yes

Favourite song? Dancin’ In Circles/Diamond Heart

#1? Yes

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*PLEASE NOTE: This is a review of the standard version of the album. The deluxe will be added when available


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