Fergie – Life Goes On


The Black Eyed Peas songstress has gone solo once again and is ready to go ahead and release her second sophomore album, “Double Dutchess.”

The third single ‘Life Goes On’ follows up from lead single ‘L.A Love (la la)’ and the extremely raunchy ‘ M.I.L.F. $’.
‘Life Goes On’ was written by Fergie herself as well as penpals Keith Harris and Tristan Prettyman.

‘Life Goes On’ offers you the chance to revisit the softer side of Fergie, you know, kinda like the ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ side. It’s very R&B and it’s one of those songs where you question if you really do need that douchebag in your life. It’s a song that gives you the first step into feeling better after losing the guy you really love, who doesn’t love you back. This song is literally ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ part II. The production of the whole thing falls together nicely and has elements of summer house music too. Perfect for the winter time alone.

Rate /10: 7

Single percentage – 70%

Is it worth buying? Sure

#1? No

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*PLEASE NOTE: ‘Life Goes On’ was not available to stream or buy on any digital retailers at the time of review. The song will be available on 11.11.16


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