Zara Larsson – I Would Like


It’s another day, another slay for Swedish pop princess, Zara Larsson. After topping multiple charts worldwide alongside MNEK, Tinie Tempah and David Guetta, as well as doing so herself, Zara has just dropped a brand new single off of her upcoming and very long awaited debut album.

The song follows catchy bass catcher ‘Ain’t My Fault’ and bubblegum summer pop classic ‘Lush Life.’ 

These last few months have been huge for Zara, and if things carry on the way they’re going, she could sonly become one of the world’s biggest pop stars. Although she’s not massive in America, I believe one day soon she will release one of those songs that just explodes onto the music scene and she will then become a mega star.

With this song though, she strengthens her soon to be legendary discography and has probably bagged herself another very successful chart smash hit.
It’s a great catchy tune, as you can expect from Miss Larsson, with a heavily R&B/Dance infused vibe to it. It’s a good time to release the song too, after having so much success over the summer, releasing those summer hits, and then rounding them off with a bass smasher, ‘I Would Like’ takes a more chilled approach, showing Zara’s diversity in ranges of music.

I honestly believe Zara Larsson could be one of the next big things in music. Every song she has released so far, or has been featured on has been pop bliss. She could even earn her title as the new princess of pop. It’s exciting to see Zara doing her thing,and I can’t wait for her debut to be released.

Rate /10: 7

Single percentage – 70%

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? No

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*PLEASE NOTE: ‘I Would Like’ was not available to stream or buy on any digital retailers at the time of review. The song will be available on 11.11.16


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