Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

After several years without a solo release, the upcoming king of pop is ready to return with his 3rd studio album titled ‘24K Magic’ which follows up from his sophomore 2012 #1 album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox.’

After the global success of the lead single with the same name, Bruno also announced a worldwide tour starting early next year starting in Belgium and rounding off in November of 2017 in L.A.

You can view the full list of dates by clicking here. General sales begin Monday 21st November, however you can get early access to buying tickets by pre-ordering the album via his website, or just by clicking here.


1. 24K Magic
The opening song, of course has to be the lead single off the album, as well as the name of the album. It’s very 90′s disco, R&B synth, it seems to just fall together quite perfectly. It’s groovy, the beat is ear catching, and the synths just round it off to make this a song that won’t exit out of your mind quickly. The song, to me, reminded me a little of Kendrick Lamar, and his song ‘King Kunta.’with a hint of Snoop Dogg’s ‘Signs’. Bruno’s flow is very Kendrick, so it’s no shock that the whole song also has similarities. Coincidence? Maybe. It doesn’t mean that ‘24K Magic’ is a bad song, because truth be told, it’s not. Is it classic Bruno Mars? Of course it’s not, but it’s a breath of fresh air hearing and seeing something in the charts that doesn’t sound as cliché and as boring as the rest of the greyscale pop music around today.
Rate /10: 8

2. Chunky
Following a similar style to ‘24K Magic,’ ‘Chunky’ offers a more chilled vibe of synth R&B disco. Still, of course, extremely catchy. Will definitely have your feet bopping to it. No doubt that the first two songs on the album will have you feeling like the flyest guy on the planet. Bruno seems to sing about his type of woman, and an unknown female vocalist seems to just sing back to what he’s singing but in the first person, but it works. I mean, of course it works. Is it asgood as ‘24K Magic’? I wouldn’t say so. It doesn’t have as much “wow factor” as ‘24K Magic’ but still a smooth song all the same.
Rate /10: 7

3. Perm
Grab your whisky on the rocks, get your best shuffling shoes on, and wear your most majestic velvet leopard print shirt you have. This one is fire. As Bruno takes on the James Brown affect, you can’t help but picture yourself getting down and jiggy on the dancefloor to this one. His witty and slapstick lyrics will leave you laughing and hooked throughout the whole song, if the infectious and pulsating music itself wasn’t enough.
Rate /10: 8

4. That’s What I Like
Proving that he can not only just sing and dance, he can also provide you with a very wealthy and romantic relationship that sounds appealing to any woman, and even men out there. It certainly sounds appealing to me.Taking a step down from the upbeat numbers, this more chilled approach still has a level of attracting you to the song, probably enticing you to belt out the one liner that is “that’s what I like, that’s what I like” and humming the rest of chorus which you don’t yet know throughout the rest of the day, before going home and listening to it another 3 times. For a love song, this is surprisingly very good.
Rate /10: 8

5. Versace on the Floor
So it appears we’re still going with the very expensive love song theme. Totally cool. This one is very Luther Vandross/Michael Jackson hybrid, and of course, it’s extremely good. It seems that no matter what, Bruno Mars can write one hell of a belter when it comes to writing those love songs, and this is no different. Could actually be the best song of the album so far…
Rate /10: 8

6. Straight Up and Down
It was obvious that there was going to be a weakest link somewhere in the album, and after having a very strong first 5 songs, it doesn’t come as a disappointment. There’s nothing wrong with the song, other than it seems to lack something the first 5 don’t. It seems ‘Straight Up and Down’ is a little too obvious in terms of lyrics and arrangement when it comes to a love song. We’ve seen what Bruno can do in his efforts throughout every album of his career so far, and even on some collaborations, but this falls as one of his most cliché. Although still pretty good, among the other great ones, it falls as one of the least memorable of this album.
Rate /10: 7

7. Calling All My Lovelies
So many thoughts. Did he just admit he’s having sex with Halle Berry? Did he just admit to basically being the biggest fuck boy on the planet? Is this Bruno’s ‘Mambo No. 5′? Well… erm… the song is very, I guess you could say controversial in some senses… If we’re talking the song itself and not the contents, it comes across as a heartbreak, ‘woe is me, I’m lonely’ type song, so it’s no shock that it’s a slow song. Although it is slow, it’s still one worth listening to. It leaves you hooked and listening to the lyrics. Not sure if it’s one many can relate to but then again, we are in 2016. Unfortunately, I do believe it serves as another weaker song on the album, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad at all.
Rate /10: 7

8. Finesse
What is undoubtedly the best song of the album, Bruno seems to have brought back the magic and nostalgia of the king himself, Michael Jackson. It has MJ written all over it, and although it would have been lovely to have had Michael on the song himself, the song is still absolutely incredible. It takes you back in certain aspects to when Michael was around making this type of music, with those iconic dance moves. We hope that this song was made in appreciation and homage of Michael as we’re sure that, if he were alive, he would approve of not only this song but Bruno’s movement as an artist. This song has everything you would have on an MJ track. Lyrics, beats, and every possible chance to do that famous kick that Michael once did.
Rate /10: 9

9. Too Good To Say Goodbye
So we end the album with an almost 5 minute ballad of what seems is Bruno trying to persuade what presumably is a woman he loves, not to say goodbye. Unfortunately, for me, it comes across a little boring. About 1:36 in, I did start to wonder elsewhere, whereas the rest of the album had me drawn in the whole time. For others, it could be a firm favourite, but I do believe this falls as the worst song of the album. If we’re taling in general, no, the song isn’t horrendous, the song isn’t actually half bad, but compared to the rest of the album, and especially it being the last song on the album, it doesn’t shout “iconic” like the rest of them do. I guess I’ll leave this one to you.
Rate /10: 6


So after just over 4 years of his previous album release, the question is, what it worth the wait? Definitely. This actually could be one of the best album releases we’ve seen this year, with some huge contenders. With the likes of Sia, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Bruno Mars is certainly is up there in the top 3 albums released this year. Definitely the best by a male artist.

It appears with this album he has taken a more fly approach. Not only that, it seems each song of the album has had some influence from his peers and icons, of whom he had listened to growing up. I respect that. It’s actually nice to see someone doing something different and taking risks, by doing something that has already been done before, but not very recently. Will people love it as much as they did back then? Well, it’s a question today that the answer isn’t so definite as it would have been back then, what with the music world changing, technology and society with it ever so dramatically, but I still think the answer is yes.
What seems very coincidental about this album is that, it has a very nostalgic feel to it. The sounds and vibes have been heard before, by those who made them as iconic as they are today, like James Brown, Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson to name a few. Although all three have unfortunately passed, it’s still magical to hear those sounds, and those vibes, those similarities still being used today. In a world full of The Chainsmokers’ and Martin Garrix’s, Bruno seems to be showing where the real magic of music really is, and that’s how I perceive this album to be. I believe the album is called ‘24K Magic’because of the magic of the influences that those iconic artists left, and it’s a kind reminder to millions around the world where the real music lies, and not to forget those who pathed the way for so many successful artists in the passing years, and many to come.

In terms of the album, it’s incredible. It’s catchy, it’s nostalgic, it’s witty, it’s funny. Most importantly it tells a story through the sounds of music royalty. It’s an album definitely worth listening to that’s for sure.

Album percentage – 75%

Is it worth buying? Yes

Favourite song? Finesse

#1? Yes

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