The Year of 2016


So, as we start see one year close, and another start, it’s that time to reflect on how good, or bad the year behind did actually go. This year, quite obviously, is the year 2016. The year where Donald Trump actually became President, the year where dabbing somehow became the thing. The year that Twitter waved goodbye to Vine, and also the year that Britney Spears released probably one of the most underrated album in history.

2016 also marks the year of a lot of unfortunate passings, including two of the most iconic male artists in the music industry, David Bowie and Prince.

We look back at 2016 in music, with facts and figures, and in hope that 2017 will be a better year.

So this year we saw a lot of big names release albums that conquered the charts and had people around the world talking for months, from the likes of Sia, Beyoncé, Drake, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, Rihanna, and lots more. 2016 was definitely a huge year in music, but who has sold the most album this year? Who has the most streamed song of 2016? Let’s have a look:

Best Selling Album of 2016
Despite being released late 2015, and the huge album releases this year, Adele takes the crown for best selling album of the year for the second year in a row for her album ‘25′ selling over 4,000,000 copies.

Best Selling Song of 2016
Despite having the most streamed album, most streamed song, and being the most streamed artist this year, it may come as a surprise that he doesn’t have the best selling song. In fact, he has the second best selling song this year, as Justin Timberlake’s ‘CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!’ sells just over 300,000 more than ‘One Dance’ by the year end.

Most Streamed Album of 2016
Streaming saw an all time high this year as there was an estimated average of over 5 billion streams a month on platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and a few others, and the most streamed album this year, with just over 6 billions streams (of which 3 billion accumulate from Spotify) is Drake’s ‘Views’.

Most Streamed Song of 2016
As well as having the best selling song of 2016, and the most streamed album of 2016, Drake’s ‘One Dance’ adds another streak as the most streamed song of 2016 with over 2 billion streams.

Most Streamed Male Artist of 2016
With just a little over 6.5 billion streams, Drake is not only the most streamed male artist, but the most streamed artist of 2016 as a whole!

Most Streamed Female Artist 2016
Despite achieving the lowest opening figures of an album release of all time with her early 2016 release ‘ANTI’ selling only 460 copies in it’s first week, and Billboard #1 with Drake, it was only meant to be one woman. Rihanna.

The Longest Time for an album to spend atop the iTunes Album Chart
After not releasing a solo pop album for almost a whole 3 years, Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne’ spent a whole two and a bit weeks before being knocked off the top spot, taking the crown from Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ which got knocked off just two days before the time of Gaga’s.

The Longest Time for an single to spend atop the iTunes Singles Chart 
There have been a few songs that has conquered the worldwide charts this year, like The Chainsmoker’s ‘Closer’, Sia’s ‘Cheap Thrills,’ Rihanna’s ‘Work,’ and of course, Drake’s ‘One Dance’. But who spent the longest at the top? Well it’s pretty obvious isn’t it. Drake’s ‘One Dance’ spent a total of almost 11 weeks at the top of the iTunes worldwide chart, making it the second longest of all time, just two weeks short of Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face.’

Most Awarded Artist of 2016
Despite only releasing one song this year, and no albums, Taylor Swift nabs the total for the most awarded artist this year receiving over 40 awards!

Highest Grossing Tour of 2016
Although there were some big names travelling the world this year, there is only one entertainer worthy of everyone’s money. The visual queen, the unstoppable force. Beyoncé. The ‘Formation World Tour’ is the highest grossing tour of 2016 with over 2,000,000 attendees, and a box office worth over $200,000,000 in just 49 shows, also making it in the top 3 of the most successful tours of all time by a female artist.

So those are just a few big records that were set in this year of the music world, but who had the most acclaimed albums of this year? I compared my scores to Metacritic’s, and their chart positions to see who soared, and who flopped this year.

The list is in chronological order of release date and review date. (Jan-Dec 2016)

Sia – This Is Acting

My score: 69%
Metacritic score: 67
Chart position: 3

Rihanna – ANTI

My score: 57%
Metacritic score: 73
Chart position: 1

ZAYN – Mind of Mine

My score: 61%
Metacritic score: 69
Chart position: 1

Beyoncé – Lemonade

My score: 70%
Metacritic score: 93
Chart position: 1

Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman

My score: 64%
Metacritic score: 76
Chart position: 2

Frank Ocean – Endless

My score: 68%
Metacritic score: 74
Chart position: N/A

Frank Ocean – Blonde

My score: 70%
Metacritic score: 87
Chart position: 1

Britney Spears – Glory

My score: 61%
Metacritic score: 71
Chart position: 3

Lady Gaga – Joanne

My score: 78%
Metacritic score: 67
Chart position: 2

Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

My score: 75%
Metacritic score: 70
Chart position: 3

So by combining my scores, and Metacritic’s scores, as well as chart positions, Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ seems to lead the table this year, with Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ not too far behind.

In Memoriam

So unfortunately, not only did we lose our dignities when Trump was elected President, and Camila from Fifth Harmony, we lost some pretty incomparable, special, and quite amazing people. We lost actors, musicians, broadcasting legends, but most of all, we lost people who inspired us and millions of others, and touched our hearts by being the amazing people that they were.

David Bowie
1947 – 2016

Alan Rickman
1946 – 2016

Sir Terry Wogan
1938 – 2016

David Gest
1953 – 2016

Victoria Wood
1953 – 2016

1958 – 2016

Rick Parfitt
1948 – 2016

Peter Vaughan
1923 – 2016

 Leonard Cohen
1934 – 2016

Pete Burns
1959 – 2016

George Michael
1963 – 2016

Gene Wilder
1933 – 2016

Carrie Fisher
1956 – 2016

Muhammad Ali
1942 – 2016

So that’s it! 2016 is over! What an interesting year. We’ve had ups, but we also have had a lot of downs. We can only hope that in 2017, things will look better, brighter, and clearer for us all.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, and an amazing New Year. That’s all for this year, until the first release of 2017, stay safe, be kind and love one another. Until then, take care, and see you all on the other side. X


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