Snakehips & MØ – Don’t Leave


British duo Snakehips have just set their footprint on the new year with their brand new single ‘Don’t Leave,’ which features Danish superstar MØ.

Their last singles ‘All My Friends’ with Tinashe and Chance the Rapper, as well as ‘Cruel’ with ZAYN were received well by the public and did OK in terms of chart positions, but will we see ‘Don’t Leave’ become their biggest hit yet?

So I must admit, it sounds a little different compared to Snakehips’ last two singles, but it does still have that element of dance in there, and it is a very good song. Very radio friendly, and in all honesty, despite how much of a good song it is, how good the lyrics are, and how amazing MØ delivers, it doesn’t seem to be one of those songs that stand out so boldly.

It’s a very emotional number, and perhaps the public could relate to the lyrics and with the right amount of radio play, it could do rather well, but I don’t think without enough radio play, it will do well, which is a shame because it’s a particularly good song. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t shout attention like the two previous singles did. We shall see.

Rate /10: 7

Is it worth buying? No

#1? No

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