Ed Sheeran – Shape of You / Castle on the Hill

Ed Sheeran’s back everybody, and he’s not only released one song for his big return, he’s released two. How considerate. He’s continuing with this theme of maths, for some odd reason, and the two new singles come from his upcoming third studio album ‘Division.’ The first one, titled ‘Shape of You’ was written with Rihanna in mind of being a potential artist to record it, but it seems Ed’s kept it for himself, and the second one being ‘Castle on the Hill.’

Shape of You

BABY I DON’T NEED DOLLAR BILLS TO HAVE… No? Not that song? Could have had me fooled.

Of course I’m joking, but upon initial listening you could have definitely had this down as a Sia song. I must honestly admit, I’m not sure about this whole new sound for Ed. I might find that after a few listens that it becomes my favourite track of the year, however, listening to it for the first time, I can’t say I was overly ecstatic after listening to it. I feel like it’s missing something. I don’t get any “oomph” from it.

It has a catchy beat, and infectious guitar playing, and Ed, as always kills the vocals, however putting it together, I sort of feel like this a jigsaw piece missing from the complete set. As I say, it could be a grower, but it certainly isn’t a shower. Pun not intended.

Rate /10: 6

Is it worth buying? I wouldn’t say so…

#1? Most probably

Castle on the Hill

This is what we’re talking about! This is the Ed Sheeran I long to see.

This whole song is just magic. The lyrics are honest and beautiful, and every emotions runs right through you through every second of the song. If you really pay attention to the song, I guess you start to reminisce about your own childhood and think about the good memories and the good people in your life that maybe are still in your life, or maybe not. but are never forgotten, whether that’s your best friends, your first love, it’s still nice to shed some light on the good times on when you were younger and how happy you were in that very moment. Aw.

Anywho, this is miles better than ‘Shape of You’ and even though ‘Shape of You’ isn’t a drastically bad song, I think even if Ed had just released this, he would have had a very similar reaction to having release two songs anyway. I think he’s released a song for his fans, who’s grown to love Ed’s raw writing material, and he’s released a song for radio and general public. Smart or silly? I guess only time will tell, but I do much prefer this one.

Rate /10: 8

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? Possibly

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Stream Castle on the Hill here:
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