Tinie Tempah – Text From Your Ex (feat. Tinashe)


New music from Tinie Tempah today! Yay! After his previous attempt ‘Mamacita’ alongside Wizkid, Tinie Tempah’s just released a new track alongside rising star Tinashe titled ‘Text From Your Ex.’ It comes with a pre-order of his very delayed album ‘YOUTH’ which is due out next week as it happens (27 Jan).

‘Text From Your Ex’ is a very modern take on R&B. The synths and production add the modern feel to an R&B beat and nostalgic chorus whose vocals are provided by the lovely Tinashe. However… upon first listen it doesn’t shout “smash it.” I love Tinie Tempah, and I love Tinashe however this collaboration had me wanting more, it was a little underwhelming. In future with more spins it could grow on me.

I do like how Tinie is exploring different sounds for this album though, and it does leave me excited to hear the rest of the album. It’s not a terrible song, it’s actually pretty catchy, but when you hear what Tinashe can do, and hear what Tinie can do, you automatically assume that this song is going to be flawless, but unfortunately, just was a little too mediocre.

Rate /10: 6

Is it worth buying? No

#1? No

Support Tinie Tempah

Pre-order ‘YOUTH’ and get ‘Not Letting Go,’ ‘Girls Like,’ ‘Mamacita,’ and ‘Text From Your Ex’ instantly here:
Google Play

Stream ‘Text From Your Ex’ here:
Apple Music


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