Zara Larsson – So Good


It’s here! It’s finally here! This is not a drill, nor an illusion, nor another announcement of a push back to a later album release date, because ladies and gentlemen, we have the debut international album of Miss Zara Larsson!

It comes after months of anticipation and a few singles here and there and after having huge successes like ‘Never Forget You,’ alongside MNEK, and ‘Lush Life,’ ‘I Would Like,’ and ‘This One’s For You,’  this album was certainly going to be one of the most anticipated albums in the last year.


1. What They Say
I guess what could be mistaken as a Rihanna reject, ‘What They Say’ opens up the album in a breeze easy, light drum and base/R&B form. It doesn’t deliver any excitement upon initial listening, and don’t believe it’ll be one of those songs that’ll be skipped however, going down the tracklist could be one of the most forgotten.
Rate /10: 6

2. Lush Life
This is one of those songs that just will never get old. It’s completely timeless. It’s pure bubblegum pop bliss and is a joy everytime you listen to it. It’s a summer anthem for every summer. It could also go down as one of the best pop songs of the modern era.
Rate /10: 8 

3. I Would Like
I also remember writing a review on this one too, saying that it would be a smash hit and strengthen her soon to be legendary discography. It is actually her highest charting song in the UK so far. This song takes a more R&B/Dance infused approach which is a good step down from a bass smash.
Rate /10: 7

4. So Good (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
It’s a very R&B infused song, and it has these elements of feel good vibes, which would be great for the summer when sitting on the beach basking in the sun, looking good and feeling fine whilst eyeing up all the hot guys. This isn’t what I do by the way… it’s just the way the song makes you fe… never mind. There is nothing wrong with this song whatsoever, other than the fact that it’s so short, for a song that is just so good. See what I did there? I think with a longer bridge and a repeat of the chorus, or just a little of the instrumental at the end would have made it the perfect summer song, and also just the simple fact that we’ve had to wait 84 years for an album. Oh Zara.
Rate /10: 8

5. TG4M
Too Good For Me is what it translates into, and highlights a new sound for Zara. It’s lyrics lay themselves over electro-beats, semi Kygo inspired. Again, nothing on your face, quite chilled, and breeze easy. Wouldn’t say it stands out from any of the others before hand but isn’t a bad number nonetheless.
Rate /10: 7

6. Only You
A reminiscent ballad about departing from a loved one. Only You offers a more vulnerable side to the pop princess and it’s probably one of those songs that you belt out too when coming across it in the album. It’s a good song with a great tempo and catchy lyrics.
Rate /10: 7

7.  Never Forget You (with MNEK)
I never know where to start with this song. This is the song that we became to here of Zara Larsson, and it charting in the top 10 of the UK charts. MNEK has this incredible talent, of not only being able to have an amazing voice and write music, but he also produces his own stuff too and this being one of them. The thing I love about his production is that, he somehow manages to put the emotion of the song into the music and it just creates this uproar of emotion and it’s just magical to listen to. With this song though, adding Zara made it that little more magical and was a good thing to do.
Rate /10: 9

8. Sundown (feat. Wizkid)
It starts off as what seems like a female version of One Dance, and I was slowly starting to think it was going to be predictable. I was right, however, it’s somehow still very god and enjoyable, and actually I could picture Little Mix singing it. It’s reggae-flecked vibes and little break down in the middle of the song actually helps make the song worth listening to aside from it’s mediocre lyrics. It’s a great song for radio play and would do well in charts if it saw a release.
Rate /10: 7

9. Don’t Let Me Be Yours
This Ed Sheeran co-written track is basically what it says on the tin. It’s typical Ed lyrics clearly states it’s written by him without looking at the credits, and the song itself is a Robin Schulz/OMI mashup. Although not too overly dull, I’m not quite sure about this song fits on the album, or how it fits in general. It’s like a mashup of songs that don’t quite fit together. Perhaps after a few listens it could grow, but this one is probably the worst one on the album so far.
Rate /10: 6

10. Make That Money Girl
A true feminist song with a really empowering message serves a lot of truth, especially in today’s world and is the type of music we should all be listening to…in terms of lyrics and message. The production on this is slightly a little too much in the area of trying to make it sound different to a lot of songs. It shouts desperation for attention, and I think for that, it won’t get it. The lyrics are lovely, the production, not so lovely.
Rate /10: 6

11. Ain’t My Fault
I remember writing a review on this when it first came out as a single, and not being particularly impressed by it. Another thing I mentioned was how cliche it was to have trumpets and a heavy bass drop, which I still standby, however, watching it’s success over the last few months and hearing it out in clubs, and radio and stuff, it does grow on you and does become one of those hairbrush songs that you mime to with your friends.
Rate /10: 7 

12. One Mississippi
A ballad that again brings nothing new to the table. Of course it talks about loving someone and them leaving and them taking them back, which unfortunately makes the song just that little more predictable and boring. It’s an OK try, but it’s just one of those songs you’ll probably want to skip after getting to know the rest of the album.
Rate /10: 6

13.  Funeral
Funeral disguises itself initially as a summer dance track before then breaking open into a ballad-type song for the chorus. It’s a song I guess you can relate to if you’re hearts been broken, probably for the umpteenth time.
Rate /10: 6 

14. I Can’t Fall In Love Without You
Undoubtedly the most boring song on the album. It doesn’t particularly go anywhere and just feels like she’s saying the same thing throughout the whole song. It’s too simple and brings literally nothing to the album. There are worse songs out there, however this one is one that no doubt you will not remember, and most probably will be the most skipped song on this album.
Rate /10: 5

15. Symphony (with Clean Bandit)
So this song was actually released as a single off of Clean Bandit’s upcoming sophomore album the same day as Zara released hers. Unfortunately, it’s your typical cliche Clean Bandit song. It sounds like their last few songs and again, doesn’t bring anything special. The lyrics are cute, Zara smashes the vocals but I wouldn’t say it’s an absolute smash of a song because, well, it just isn’t.
Rate /10: 6

Album Percentage – 67%


Zara Larsson when she first stepped onto the music scene as successful as she did was literally the most exciting thing from a female pop star, as she released banger after banger, and it became almost certain that her music was going to be incredible and she’ll have a really great career.

Her music is sort of incredible, and she really is having a great career but not on the level I thought it would be, and I now think that only because I listened to this album.

Again, it may just be high standards, but I expected Zara to raise a bar with this album. I wanted her to be one of those artists that blew everyone away because she knew what artist she wanted to be, but this album only clouds that. The album just sounds like a load of reject tracks from other artists that were just thrown at Zara. The mediocre lyrics, the everyday chart sounding songs. It’s OK releasing a couple of them as singles, especially if you’ve chosen the best ones, but having a whole album full of them just disappoints. There is no real knowing of what sort of artist Zara is currently.

It’s a shame, as I honestly thought this album would be incredible, but it’s no better than lukewarm at best. There are a couple of stand out tracks, of which mainly are the ones released and maybe one or two others but the rest certainly fade. I hope when this debut era Zara takes note, and starts to find herself a platform that she really feels comfortable in, as I don’t believe she knows what sort of music she wants to be making just yet.

Favourite song – Never Forget You/Lush Life

Is it worth buying? No

#1? No

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