David Guetta – Light My Body Up (feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne)


David Guetta pushes forward with his upcoming seventh studio album due to be released later on this year, and he’s dropped the lead single which features queen of rap, Nicki Minaj and Young Money king, Lil Wayne.

This isn’t the first time David has worked with Nicki, or Wayne as Nicki has featured on the songs ‘Where Them Girls At?’ with Flo Rida, and ‘Turn Me On’, whilst Wayne featured on ‘I Can Only Imagine,’ alongside Chris Brown and a remix of Madonna’s ‘Revolver’.

David certainly has lost his touch of creating amazing dance tracks. Instead I guess he fills he needs to fill his time making songs that actually doesn’t sound like he’s produced them. This track could have been anyone’s production.

I’m not really sure as to why David is still making generic songs that sway with the trends, when he used to produce tracks that were the trends. Think back to ‘When Love Takes Over,’ and ‘Sexy Bitch’, and then think back to ‘Titanium,’ and Where Them Girls At?’. Those songs were huge because David stuck to what he did what he knew best, and now we’re getting songs like ‘This One’s For You’ and this, and it just feels like he’s only making these tracks to keep his career going, and I don’t believe it’s working.

This song isn’t at all bad, it’s just one of those songs that you will be played a few times in clubs and most probably will be forgotten about in a few months time. It’s just not working for me.

Rate /10: 5

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