Harry Styles – Sign of the Times


Here’s the current 3rd One Direction member, fourth overall, to release a solo project. Mr Harry Styles. With only Liam Payne left to release a solo project, we have seen some great releases this past year from the 1D boys.

We watched ZAYN unfortunately depart and release a #1 single and album, then we saw Niall release a cute number titled ‘This Town’, then Louis teamed up with DJ Steve Aoki to release ‘Just Hold On,’ and now we have new material from Harry Styles.

It was a small surprise for 1D fans as it was expected for Harry to be releasing new music soon, as there were more and more rumours being broadcasted on Twitter every week about who he’s working with, and when his album’s going to be released etc. and with build up to that, it was pretty obvious something was happening soon, so when the official single did drop, it was a delight for the superfans to rejoice once again.

Of all the One Direction members, Harry’s music has definitely been one of the most, if not the most anticipated since ZAYN broke off from the group, and it’s definitely 100% safe to say David Bowie has a huge influence on the tip of Harry’s solo effort.

The song starts off as husky, sulky melodrama that offers Bowie nostalgia, before breaking into an impressive falsetto. The lyrics are deep. It’s not certain whether the song is talking about death, or maybe the end of a relationship but with the lyrics “you can’t bribe the door, on your way to the sky,” and “welcome to the final show, hope you’re wearing your best clothes” really help you assume the worst. The song then continues into this rocky outbreak of more emotion with added rock and roll, and a heavy drum and lives up to it’s anticipation.

In all honesty, it’s something that One Direction as a group were capable of doing. I think had you had put this song to them for the ‘FOUR’ ablum, it would have slit in the tracklist pretty well, however, this being a solo effort, you cannot ignore the sheer determination Harry has put into this, and I must say, it really has paid off.

You never hear music like this anymore. There are some fantastic songs flying around this modern era, however sometimes all you need is a good ballad with some emotionally conceded lyrics a guitar flying some riffs around and honest, deep emotional lyrics, which we haven’t seen since Bowie. It’s clear this song is a tribute to the legend himself, but Harry also makes it his own, and that’s so special about it.

This release is undoubtedly one of the best released this  second half of decade thus far. It’s raw, it’s heart wrenching. It’s that type of song that can put a stamp on your career and go down in history as a song to be remembered.

Rate /10: 9

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? Yes

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