Lady Gaga – The Cure


POP EMERGENCY 911. Lady Gaga has just released a brand new single titled ‘The Cure,’ literally out of nowhere. After fans were pushing for a song titled ‘Dancin’ In Circles,’ of her previous album ‘Joanne,’ to be the 3rd official single from the album, Gaga debuts a brand new song from her Coachella set and offers that instead.

It’s unclear whether Gaga has an EP or another full length album lined up following this single, especially as Gaga has now changed her social media from ‘xoxo, Joanne,’ to ‘xoxo, Gaga.’ Also what with this new nostalgic Gaga with brunette hair, and reverting back to pure pop music, as well as giving us real Gaga visuals at Coachella, it’s clear Gaga is up to something. Will Gaga give us something next weekend at Coachella? It’s ours to wait and see.

Well, fuck. Gaga manages to scalp us all, yet again.

This song is a little more R&B 90′s type Pop, but obviously, we are all here for it. It does sound slightly similar to things she’s done in the past, like that demo she had written for TLC a couple of years ago, but this sounds more fresh.
It’s also nice to take a break from  recycled dance music and again have something on the radio that’s still exciting, and brings a new sound using old inspirations, and who else better to do that, than Gaga herself?

It’s uplifting lyrics, soft electronic back beats, and overzealous peak during the chorus’ not only takes you out of having a bad day, but keeps you out of having a bad day.

It’s great to know that even though Gaga isn’t involved when it comes to this recycled dance shit that’s played to death everyday on the radio, her music is still respected and played and everyone still enjoys it. Her Coachella set proved it, and then to debut a single, and it to rocket to the top of iTunes in over 60 countries. still proves that Gaga is that bitch and even though she opened a lot of doors in the dance communities, Gaga’s key message in making music, since day one, is be yourself and people will love you, and that’s what also makes the success of this single so beautiful.

It’s a fantastic song, by of course, the pop goddess herself.

Rate /10: 9

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? Yes

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