Liam Payne – Strip That Down (feat. Quavo)


The last member from One Direction to release a single solo, has now done so. Liam Payne has just premiered his debut as a solo artist titled ‘Strip That Down’ and it features American hip-hop rapper Quavo, from the trio Migos.

The song was written by Liam himself, Ed Sheeran and 13 others and was produced by a guy called Steve Mac. Liam premiered and released the song on digital retailers on the 19th May.

Oh Liam. This whole thing is just one big reach. Fuck boy song of the year, or the last decade probably goes to this song to be honest. I’m not entirely sure what sort of image Liam is going for, but this whole song is just cringe the whole way though. It’s outdated. People stopped listening to this stuff about 3 years ago. Not really sure why Quavo was added to the song either as he says about 5 words.

The production is weak, the lyrics are weak, there are real vocals, and the whole thing is just a mess. Of all the songs Liam is capable of writing and singing, this isn’t the direction that I thought he would go down. The fact that it also has 15 writers makes this whole thing a bit more laughable. I don’t believe the general public will pick this up and support it to be honest, we’ve heard it all before, and everything about it just sounds desperate to be ‘different’ and grab attention but it just doesn’t work. Better luck next time Liam.

Rate /10: 4

Is it worth buying? No

#1? No

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