5 After Midnight – Up In Here


So those from the UK may remember this cheeky trio. These guys are 5 After Midnight, a trio who entered the UK version of The X Factor last year, who ended up reaching the finals before coming 3rd in the overall competition.

The group are made of Jordan, Kieran and Nathan and went onto impress the judges and the British public both proving they can sing, dance, and entertain. Now they are back after being in the studio, with their debut single titled ‘Up In Here’ .

The song was released on June 2nd via Simon Cowell’s record label, Simco Limited.

Where do I start? The boys have certainly delivered when it comes to releasing a bop. The production is a little bit confusing, as there’s no real consistent beat so it’s difficult to dance along say if you were in a club, unless of course you listen to the song 10,000 times a day, and you know every harmony, every beat and everything else that comes along with it.

It’s one of those songs as well that’s hit or miss. People will either really like it and buy the song and it will boost their career, or no one will care and it will send them into oblivion. Now, the thing is, these guys are so so talented, so it would be a shame to see them not in the charts and becoming the next big boy band, but when it comes to stepping onto the music scene as it were, you need a song that everyone will dig and want to buy and listen to all the time, and I don’t think this is that song. Whilst it is a good song, it’s not “oh my god we must listen to that new song from 5AM” good.

After performing on Britain’s Got Talent, with a bit more promotion and some airplay, the song could do OK, and give them a possible second chance, but if 5AM’s team don’t do their job very well, this could be the last time we hear from the boys, so hopefully they don’t.

Rate /10: 7

Is it worth buying? I’d say so

#1? No

Support 5 After Midnight

Get ‘Up In Here’ here:
Google Play

Stream ‘Up In Here’ here:
Apple Music


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