David Guetta – 2U (feat. Justin Bieber)


It appears we have new music from French superstar DJ David Guetta and trend artist Justin Bieber. The song is called 2U and it was teased via Justin’s Twitter account which featured a few snippets of select Victoria Secret’s models miming along to the song, before dropping today.

The song was written by Guetta himself alongside Giorgio Tuinfort.

Everything about this song I have a problem with. It seems these days that Justin is clinging onto everything just to get a hit. He used dance music to get a #1, then he used Ed Sheeran to get a #1, then he used Latin music to get a #1, and then he used DJ Khaled to get a #1, and now he’s reverted back to dance music, and it also appears that the artists he’s been collaborating with have been using him too because they know that it’ll probably go #1. All of which, other than ‘Cold Water’ have been really shit songs.

This one is no different, but it’ll still probably go #1 due to the 15 year old girls buying into his awful whining voice and apparent “good looks” (still struggling to find that one). As for David doing the backing for this song, we’ve heard it all before. Martin Garrix has done it with his last 3 singles, Zedd’s done it with his previous singles, Flume have done it with their singles, and so have The Chainsmokers. It’s what I call “trendy music.” It’s music that are safe, easy to make, radio friendly, and isn’t actually what music is about. There’s no real artistry, and there’s no real creative process, and Justin Bieber is the centre of all this trendy music. Justin Bieber is not an artist. He has no creative process.As for David Guetta, what once was the world’s leading DJ is now playing it safe himself just to get a hit as his career is dwindling.

Everything about this song screams cheap, rushed, and safe, and it will most probably be played to death on the radio stations for the next 4-5 months.

Rate /10: 2

Is it worth buying? No

#1? Most probably. It’s a trend.

Support David Guetta

Get 2U here:
Google Play

Stream 2U here:
Apple Music


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