Katy Perry – Witness

Miss Hudson is back with her fifth studio album titled ‘Witness’! It follows after her previous album ‘Prism’ which was released back in 2013 and lead singles ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ and ‘Bon Appétit’ also with promotional single ‘Swish Swish’.

This album is set, and is pretty obvious to be Katy’s most experimental album in terms of sound, and aesthetics and it’s generally mediocre success is really backing up that theory. Either way, Katy is a huge contributor to the music of today and is one of the very last real pop girls to still be releasing music that people still buy and enjoy. Unfortunately.

Despite poor sales of the initial three singles, could this be her first release where album sales conquer single sales? Or will this be her first flop album?

1. Witness
I must say, the opening track is certainly an eye opener. See what I did there? The song’s production seems a little messy and rushed in certain places, and it doesn’t seem to have an actual constant sound. There’s a lot of chop and place with the backing track and it really seems unnecessary to have. When Katy released that little advert with a snippet of the song, it sounded promising and sounded like it was going to be a particularly good song, and it is, but only in certain points. The verses and the bridge just seemed… off.
Rate /10: 6 

2. Hey Hey Hey
Erm… Ok. Not sure how I feel about this one. Again, production seems cheap and rushed. Not particularly sure exactly what the message of the song is. It’s semi-catchy chorus seems to be the only thing almost decent thing about this song. It kind of reminds me of one of those songs that should be on the deluxe version of the album, that no one actually listens to. Not going to be a fan favourite I don’t think. Skip.
Rate /10: 5

3. Roulette
An 80′s synth mellow dance number. It’s synth that plays throughout the song reminds me of Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’. Other than that, I guess it’s just your modern 80′s synth typical pop song. There’s nothing that screams “SMASH HIT” whatsoever.
Rate /10: 6

4. Swish Swish (feat. Nicki Minaj)
Katy and Nicki did that. This is something Katy has never done before. The production reminds me of Tinie Tempah’s ‘Girls Like,’ and in respect of dance music, it’s been done before, but this is sass at it’s best. It’s the ultimate gay bop, and I reckon even straight guys will dig this. Nicki goes hard as ever during her verse and really adds to the song.
Rate /10: 7

5. Déjá Vu
If ‘Dark Horse’ had a dance sister, this would be it. Again, nothing says smash it, but it’s certainly an improvement from the first 3 tracks. It’s cutesy and is low key a bop. I’d like to say it’s one of those that the more you listen to it, the more you start to love it and it become one of your favourites. Upon initial listening though, it’s OK.
Rate /10: 6

6. Power
I actually like this one. It’s production and backing track kind of resembles Disclosure in certain moments, and it’s genuinely aesthetically pleasing to the ear drums. The song is also quite empowering and it does have you feeling like the boss after listening to the whole duration. One of the best on the album this far in.
Rate /10: 7

7. Mind Maze
Oh dear. So unfortunately, I think I may have just come across one of, if not, the most awful song in Katy’s career so far. There’s literally nothing about this song that is enjoyable whatsoever. It’s lazy, and is just an autotuned mess. You zone out after the first chorus and the rest just goes in one ear and out the other and you don’t tend to have any acknowledgment to it at all.
Rate /10: 2

8. Miss You More
Katy’s attempt at a ballad falls flat once again. ‘Not Like The Movies’ and ‘Thinking of You’ are the only ballads that Katy should withhold in her career, and any future ballads should reflect those. As a whole, this particular ballad isn’t ear drum decaying bad, but it does divert your attention elsewhere. There’s just nothing special about it. Mediocre is the only word you will need for this song.
Rate /10: 5

9. Chained to the Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley)
Back to the real hit of this album. This is one of those songs that you want to wear 80′s infused pastel coloured outfits, get a Slurpee, and cruise along the beach in a convertible on a hot sunny day in. It’s the perfect top down, wind in your hair, feel good type song. I don’t find Skip Marley adds too much to the song. His hook is a enjoyable, but also forgetful. I can see why this song was chosen as the lead single, as no other has the potential.
Rate /10: 8

10. Tsunami
Now when you get to the beach after cruising to ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ this is the song that you need to play. It’s a very laid back 80′s inspired pop song. It’s a lay in the deck chair and soak up the rays type song. It’s not as exciting and as feel good as ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ but it’s still pretty summery and actually, in conclusion, it’s not at all bad. It’s a little greyscale in comparison to the previous song, but it’s still listenable.
Rate /10: 6

11. Bon Appétit (feat. Migos)
It’s a little confusing because, I can’t help but want to jam to it, however, I’m not really sure where it’s going in terms of production. Even though there’s a really catchy beat, and again, makes you want to jump in the car with the roof down cruising through Miami or something. Do I think Migos was a great addition to the song? Not in the slightest. They offer nothing but auto tuned crap. Their verse was just unnecessary, and given their ‘hip-hop’ back ground, and being homophobic, Katy Perry and this whole song in general was the last thing you’d think they’d do in terms of collaboration, and in some sense, it comes across a little bit desperate from both sides. Other than the awfulness that is Migos, there’s something about this song that’s actually quite enticing. It’s quite a groovy little summer number, and despite it being a little undercooked upon first listen, I think the more it gets played, the more you will start to hear it from a different view. It’s definitely a grower. Just, no one ordered the side of Migos.
Rate /10: 7  

12. Bigger Than Me
I’m starting to run out of ways of how average this songs are sounding. Let’s just say, that yet again, it comes across that Katy relies on autotune to make this song sound that little more interesting but it’s not enough to save it from being boring and having your attention divert elsewhere, which seems to be the moral of most songs on this album.
Rate /10: 4

13. Save as Draft
Another ballad that’s not really needed. I mean, has there ever been a ballad that the general public say “oh yeah that Katy Perry ballad is incredible.” The answer is no. This song doesn’t change it. However, give it’s due, it is a little better than ‘Miss You More.’ None of them hold any emotion, which takes me back to ‘Not Like the Movies’ and ‘Thinking of You’ which do.
Rate /10: 6

14. Pendulum
FINALLY. FINE. A. LEE. WE HAVE A SONG THAT’S WORTH LISTENING TO. This is fantastic. It’s feel good, the vocals stir, cook and serve, and it has a choir. I LOVE a choir. Everything about this is enjoyable. Besides being just a little too repetitive and the lyrics being a bit cliché, everything else is what you want from Katy. Easily one of the best songs on this album.
Rate /10: 8

15. Into Me You See
A poor ending to the album. It’s yet again another ballad, and I do have a little hunch with this one. Who puts the words ‘open sesame’ in a ballad? Again, it’s boring and it just doesn’t offer any flavour to the LP at all. It’s not really abundantly clear as to what the song is genuinely about either. I got the impression is was about sex, but a ballad about sex seems highly unlikely but who knows?
Rate /10: 4

Album percentage – 58%


Unfortunately, I do have to admit that of all Katy Perry albums, this is definitely the worst. Making experimental albums are always the riskiest and it’s literally make or break, as we all know with the ‘ARTPOP’ era with Lady Gaga but even then, Gaga managed to get a couple of hits off the album and the album itself debuting at #1, and Katy hasn’t really managed to get a mainstream hit.

It’s such a shame because all of Katy’s albums have been amazing in their own way, especially with them all sounding slightly different from each other but I think this one has been taken too far off the edge. It screams desperate if I’m honest, and the truth is, is that everyone loves Katy just the way she is so I’m not entirely sure why the big change. There’s no real creative process with this album whatsoever. The lyrics are average, the production as a whole seems cheap and rushed, and I can’t see any future releases of this album becoming a hit either.

I hope that Katy realises by the albums reaction that maybe taking the risk wasn’t such a smart move, even though she had the balls to do so, it didn’t work, and that by the next album she just goes back to being the Katy that we all know and love and releases hit after hit and an album that we can all enjoy together, because this one has fallen relatively flat unfortunately.

Favourite song? Chained to the Rhythm or Pendulum

Is it worth buying? No

#1? Yes

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