Kesha – Praying


KESHA IS BACK. After years of silence, and the very hard times that she’s been through within those years, Kesha is back without the ‘$’ and has dropped her single ‘Praying,’ along with the album title, cover and tracklist along with it.

It comes almost a whole 5 years since her previous album ‘Warrior’, released in November 2012. Since then Kesha has faced a legal battle between herself and music producer Dr. Luke. Although unfortunately Kesha lost the court battle, she won overall with Sony firing Dr. Luke and Kesha therefore being freed from her contract with Luke, and is now back where she belongs. Releasing music and being the Kesha that we all love.

OK wow. This is incredible. What with the silence and everything that’s happened, this song has more meaning, and emotion behind it that you can imagine. It roars with emotion, so much it gives you goosebumps and helps you shed a tear.

It’s one of those songs that tell you not to give up hope in a sense, or keep the faith more so. The best thing about this song and the message that it gives off is that it isn’t cliché, and it sounds different to other songs with the same message. This one makes you feel hopeful and faithful, and pushes you towards to keeping that until you get to where you want to be in life, and if a song does that, then that’s real.

In relation to it being a Kesha song as well, as mentioned above, it has a different light about it and if you understand the whole of what went on during that court battle then you can also relate to the emotion from that too.

It’s a beautiful song, with really heart felt lyrics, great production and Kesha sounds better than ever. All in all, a perfect comeback.

Rate /10: 9

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? No

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