Kesha – Rainbow

The gorgeous pop sensation Kesha is finally back with her brand new album ‘Rainbow’. It’s preceded by her 2012 album ‘Warrior’, and is a whole new fresh start for Kesha in terms of her career and her life.

We see her drop the dollar sign from her name, and see her making more visually pleasing, powerhouse music compared to the ‘Cannibal’ and ‘Warrior’ days. Even though Kesha’s previous hits are timeless, I feel like we’re seeing a Kesha truly be the artist that she’s wanted to be her whole life, and it feels more true to her, and somehow mentally creates this element of the music sounding more pure than anything she’s done in her career. It’s so nice to see Kesha being happy again. Welcome back girl.

1. Bastards
What seems like a homage to Rihanna’s ‘Cheers’ with influences from Oasis, ‘Bastards’ offers an optimistic opening to the album. It’s light guitar, and pop/rock ending give off the feeling of being hopeful, and headstrong. A decent start to a fresh return.
Rate /10: 7

2. Let ‘Em Talk (feat. Eagles of Death Metal)
Despite their name, Eagles of Death Metal aren’t a death metal band. They’re rock influenced, but not death metal, and they contribute to this song well. It reminds me of one of those rom com type films, like Mean Girls where it does previews of the girls walking into the school foyer. Again, it’s a big fuck you to those who want to bring you down, and definitely conveys that feeling throughout the song. It’s saying be who you want to be, and don’t let anyone tell you different. It’s catchy, and is bound to stay playing continuously in your mind for a while.
Rate /10: 8

3. Woman (feat. The Dap-Kings Horns)
YAAASS. Songs about independence are my favourite, and this is incredible. Kesha kindly reminding everybody that she doesn’t need a man, and too damn right she don’t. This is a powerhouse song when you need one, and it’s such a good song. It’s funky, it’s humorous in it’s own way, and it’s fun. Everything you need to hear when you’re a motherfuckin’ woman.
Rate /10: 8

4. Hymn
So this far into the album we’ve seen pop/rock, sass, and a slow rock ballad, and now we come onto a slow pop song, which offers self belief and hope, so despite the different sounds of the album, there seems to be one clear message. Be yourself, and don’t hold back. I’m here for that. This song, again, tells you to be yourself unapologetically, and puts you into this realm of giving you self comfort and confidence to not hold back on who you truly are. It’s a good song, with some great morals.
Rate /10: 7

5. Praying
 roars with emotion, so much it gives you goosebumps and helps you shed a tear. This one makes you feel hopeful and faithful, and pushes you towards to keeping that until you get to where you want to be in life, and if a song does that, then that’s real. It’s a beautiful song, with really heart felt lyrics, great production and Kesha sounds better than ever. All in all, a perfect comeback.
Rate /10: 9

6. Learn to Let Go
What a song. I get the impression from the production and arrangement of this song, that it starts of almost sounding somewhat aggressive, and as it continues, it gets happier. I presume it’s about learning to let go of the things that cause hassle, that don’t need to be there. Getting rid of all the negativity in one’s life. It’s one of those songs that let you reflect on the good in your life, after letting go of the bad. Love this song.
Rate /10: 8

7. Finding You
I have to honestly say, I’m not a huge fan of this one. I want it to go somewhere and it just doesn’t. It sounds a little repetitive, and doesn’t have a distinctive chorus. It’s not a terrible song, but it would be one that I personally would skip.
Rate /10: 5

8. Rainbow
The albums title song reflects the more vulnerable side to a struggled self. It captivates a softer approach to someone with their head in the sand struggling to see life for what it is. To them, life is greyscale, and Kesha is there to help see past that, and see the colour of life, the rainbow itself. A beautiful song, with an important message about friendship.
Rate /10: 7

9. Hunt You Down
A step away from her dance/pop past, and into the country side of music. Kesha puts on her cowboy boots and warns her man not to ‘fuck around.’ You can hear a snippet of this song in the beginning of the ‘Woman’ video. It’s an upbeat, happy song that’s set to have you tapping down those boots.
Rate /10: 7

10. Boogie Feet (feat. Eagles of Death Metal)
When listening to this song, the words ‘rebellious, wild child’ come to mind. Eagles of Death Metal make a second appearance on this album with a rebel rock song, that even if rock music isn’t you thing, you’re bound to want to take a bottle of Bud and dance on the tables. Certainly one that stands out on the album, that’s for sure.
Rate /10: 6

11. Boots
A BOOOOP. A country/pop/dance smash. It’s mysterious, it’s rebellious, it’s sexy. It can definitely be seen as a fan favourite on the album, and this would make a great single. Imagine the music video to this song… Geez. One of the best on the album, that’s for sure.
Rate /10: 8

12. Old Flames (Can’t Hold a Candle To You) [feat. Dolly Parton]
A collaboration for the books. Iconic springs to mind when listening to this. Two very different artists, from two very different generations of two very different genres of music creating a powerhouse of a song. Dolly and Kesha sound absolutely incredible together, and this stands out completely from the rest of the album. Amazing.
Rate /10: 8

13. Godzilla
If this isn’t the cutest way to tell someone that you love them for who they are, then I don’t know what is. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you take Godzilla to the mall, then Kesha is sure to tell you. It’s a cute song, sung over a strummed guitar and tells a story about… well, Godzilla. It leaves a smile on your face, that’s for sure.
Rate /10: 8

14. Spaceship
What a way to end such an emotional, iconic album. This song is everything. It’s a real big final fuck you to those who say that being “weird” and being unique by being yourself isn’t right, or normal. It speaks volumes in so many ways, and it’s great because you can tell it comes from Kesha’s experiences and having to learn that being yourself is good, and it almost becomes like she’s telling you that it’s ok, and it’s raw. You can tell she means it, it’s amazing. Love this.
Rate /10: 8

Album percentage – 74%


What is actually Kesha’s best album doesn’t just come from having great songs with meaningful lyrics. It comes from experience, and feeling the emotion and the truth from Kesha herself when singing about the subjects that she does, because you know she’s been through them, and overcome them. It makes the album so much more enjoyable. It’s like a mini story about the troubles that Kesha has overcome in her life, and you’re completely hooked, but also you learn some life morals along with it. By the end of the album, your spirits and your outlook are completely optimistic, and that is how music works. Music is a universal language, and Kesha took advantage of that to create such an amazing album. It’s diversity in sound, the lyrics and the collaborations take a step aside from the trend music that is charting globally right now and puts the music first rather than creating noise and pointless lyrics just to sell.

What with the such high positive outlook on this album becomes even more welcoming as it’s the first album since the legal battle between Dr. Luke and Kesha herself, and not only is it a huge fuck you to everyone who has doubted her, but is a huge fuck you to him and it waves flags to prove that she got through is probably the lowest point she’s ever had in her life. She is strong, and courageous, and he could not take away the colourful, fun, rebellious wild child that we know and love. It’s incredible, and this album is truly something. Kesha has done incredible with this album, and I feel proud. What a woman.

Favourite song? Boots… that could change

Is it worth buying? Yes

#1? Yes

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