Troye Sivan – My My My!


South African-Australian pop star Troye Sivan is back with his brand new single ‘My My My!’. It precedes following his debut album ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ back in 2016, and sheds light onto his upcoming sophomore piece.

Well, fuck. Troye Sivan has just released probably one of the best songs this decade. The whole thing just peels off any judgement you may think the song would like like and completely opens a new door for Troye. It’s an obvious bop. It makes you feel good, has you singing along by the second chorus, and it’s everything we need in the music industry right now. It’s like being sat in a really stuffy room for months on end, and someone finally decides to open a window, and you get that whoosh of breath air. If you’ve ever seen ‘Call Me By Your Name’ then you would understand that Troye fits in with the aesthetic of that film incredibly well, it’s a beautiful film, and this song would be amazing to suit the film, and if you haven’t seen the film, you should go see it. It’s a beautiful film.

It has 80s elements mixed in with the dance elements that we know of today. The lyrics are clean, but still interesting, and in terms of sound, it’s everything we’ve asked for, for quite a while. He completely reintroduces himself. This song deserves the #1 spot.

The unfortunate thing about Troye is that he isn’t getting enough attention. His ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ album was one of the best albums for a while during it’s time of release, and ‘Youth’ is indescribably a fantastic song, but I don’t feel like he’s jumping out of the box too much at the general public. I feel like his music at this moment in time is very much a social media trend, which is nice because it’s good to know people are enjoying his music and the buzz, but I feel he is much more than that, and this song in particular proves it. This could be played on radio stations all around the world, and do extremely well in the charts, but will it? Probably not, and it’s sad because Troye is multi-talented, he’s a massive LGBTQ+ advocate, he’s non-problematic, but it seems because of that, he won’t do sincerely well, and this song deserves that. This could be completely wrong. We could see ‘My My My!’ dominate charts worldwide, which would be great, but it seems that anyone who isn’t controversial these days, or isn’t releasing music of a certain trend, they only seem to get mediocre success based on their talent.

Rate /10: 8

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