Troye Sivan – Animal


So this is it! The final lead single before the release of Troye Sivan’s upcoming album ‘BLOOM’! I must admit, it has been a long time coming. After releasing hits like ‘My My My!’, ‘Dance to This’ featuring Ariana Grande and the lead title single ‘Bloom’, it’s finally upon us.

The last single before the albums release is titled ‘Animal’ and it’s said to be about “how whipped” Troye is. It was produced by indie-adjacent Ariel Rechtshaid, and is the last taste of the album before we get the whole shabbang on August 31st.

So this is completely unexpected. When I read the title of the song before it’s release, I was expecting something upbeat, something vigorous, something sass. I just got the complete opposite, which I guess, is actually a good thing. Troye isn’t playing it safe with this one. He’s really taking risks and going for sounds that maybe he hasn’t quite explored himself up until now.

This one has a very Frank Ocean, 80s, dreamy beach vibe to it. In some parts, it’s almost very violent too, giving you this drugged up phasy type feeling.

It really adds to the curiosity of what the final outcome of the album is going to sound like, because although all of the singles have been very heavily 80s influenced, what with the sound, and the visuals, I’m still finding that no two songs are the same, and what with the hype around Troye slowly garnering the attention he deserves, ‘Bloom’ could become a huge career point in his life.

Rate /10: 7

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